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Mr. Beanz 01-30-10 09:00 PM

Saturday Ride, Not much Happpening
Just a mellow 44 miler.

bbeck 01-31-10 11:17 AM

i envy your weather today. its a balmy 20 degrees with 3-4 inches of snow and a little ice on the ground. looking at the forecast it may hit 40+ with a little sun by wednesday then rain. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want spring.

Herbie53 01-31-10 11:26 AM

going out to shovel my driveway now... I'll watch this when I get back in and will then continue hating on Beanz!!:p

Wylde06 01-31-10 11:43 AM

I dont remember the last time I was able to ride on a Saturday...oh yea, when it wasnt cold and dark :\

Herbie53 01-31-10 12:17 PM

..the snow was light and fluffy and at least you were wearing long sleeves and jackets...:notamused:

DanteB 01-31-10 02:02 PM

The weather looked nice Beanz. I had good weather also and was able to get a 110 miler.

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