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BigPolishJimmy 02-01-10 08:45 AM

2010 Clydesdales/ Athenas Biggest Loser Week 5 2/1 - 2/7
2010 Clydesdales/ Athenas Biggest Loser Week 5 2/1 - 2/7 OK - Here we go. Please join us as we all work toward our goals to be healthier and fitter in the New Year. How Does this Work? Mondays - Post your starting weight for the week and Goals for the week. Also report in on the prior week.

I think normally Missbumble starts these out, but I'm impatient, lets hear how it's going.

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BigPolishJimmy 02-01-10 08:51 AM

For me, this morning 282.2 - lbs. Down 2.2 pounds from last week. I'm ok with this but the last 4 days have sort of been a plateau whereas the previous 3 weeks have almost been steady decline. I ate some pizza on Saturday and it was good (tasting), but I'm paying for it, still I'm feeling better than I have for a long time. No heartburn or acid reflux problems which has been awesome. I need to find some new exercises as I think my body--like the borg--has adapted to what I'm currently doing and I still have near 100 lbs to loose according to the BMI.

youcoming 02-01-10 09:34 AM

Ok then here are my stats for this week. Down 3lbs which puts me at 223Lbs. I started on Dec.26th at 240lbs so 17lbs in 5 weeks, every week is getting me closer to my initial goal of 200lbs by June 4th. That weekend I'm in a back to back century ride. Well 177km one day 177km the next. After 200lbs my ultimate goal will be next in line.

markm109 02-01-10 09:35 AM

2/1 - 243 lbs this morning, down 0.5 from last week. I rode the trainer 4 times for 3.5 hours total and 42 miles. I'm down 12 pounds in 6 weeks at this point.

This week I'm starting P90X program I got in the mail on Saturday. I need to build my core and upper body. My legs are good, but not much else... I'm doing the lean program of the P90X which is mostly aerobic exercises to build core strength and lose weight. I'm not into it to look like a body builder. I did the first dvd yesterday and I'm sore today...

TechKnowGN 02-01-10 10:51 AM

1/25 - 324.4
2/1 - 322.0

flip18436572 02-01-10 01:19 PM

01/04/10 282
01/11/10 277
01/18/10 272
01/25/10 266
02/01/10 263

I had to make changes from last week because I was doing it off the top of my head, instead of checking my spreadsheet. This week is at least 100 miles of biking before Friday is over, 4.5 miles of swimming and at least 12 miles of running. Not sure what my weekend is going to be like, so I can't schedule a workout plan yet.

Good luck everyone.

cranky old dude 02-01-10 01:49 PM

It's been a couple of tough weeks. I fell back into my old sugar habits; munching on cookies & ice cream and drinking Pepsi. No bike miles out in the artic chill and no boring basement trainer miles.

Paying for my sloppy ways; weight @209.4 lbs. That's a 2 lb. gain.

Goal this week...regain control of my life!

10 Wheels 02-01-10 01:50 PM

WOW, I am going backwards 219 lbs

jagraham 02-01-10 03:11 PM

Crappy bathroom scale shows I'm at 275, down 7 pounds from last week. I wonder what surprises are in store for me when I find a decent scale? I took a two-week voluntary leave without pay starting today and it should be easier to keep to a schedule. I've been making it a point to write down everything I eat, and weigh and measure portions. I'm getting better at eyeballing what a portion is, but I'll keep myself honest and continue to measure. It's been too cold to do much outside, but I've got to get out and a least walk around the neighborhood.

I gave in to temptation one day last week and splurged on breakfast for dinner -- sausage, omlet with mushrooms and cheese and a bagel. I still brought the total calorie count under my 1800 max. for the day. Yesterday was a first - I didn't finish lunch - I felt full before I had finished.

5kdad 02-01-10 03:29 PM

Lost 1.1 pounds last week. Was afraid I'd gained, since we had a couple of snow days, that I basically sat at home. For January I lost about 7 pounds, 208 on Jan 1, today 200.9.
I began on November 8th, at 221.
I finally have some goals in mind: 190 by first day of spring, 175 by Ragbrai (July 24).

baron von trail 02-01-10 04:07 PM

185 lbs this morning. That puts me up a pound from last week, but down 2 lbs from the high of 187 on Friday AM.

After the 187 on Friday, I hit it hard after work and managed to get my weight back down to 185 by Saturday morning. Then, something odd happened: Even while eating light and working out heavy on Saturday -- all day Saturday -- I still weighed in at 189 on Sunday morning.

No great surprise (for those who have done this for a while like I have, there seemingly is no explanation for these fluctuations except the obvious: hydration), I lost that 4 pounds yesterday even though I worked out less and ate more than I did on Saturday.

Bottom line for me is that I think that this 185 pound level may be my ideal weight (after all I am a rather large fella who stands over 6'2"). Let's see if it holds. I will continue monitoring my weight, what I eat and how it affects me. I'll report back to you all in about a month.

Good luck with the weight loss, all. :thumb:

Smoked 02-01-10 05:46 PM

Down to 231 this am!!!! wooooot.... started all of this at 247 actually seeing a difference now...

Kazzy 02-01-10 05:57 PM

Last week I was 213 today I'm 212. Yesterday was 211. I've been losing and gaining the same two lbs all week.
Eating has been pretty good, a little over my allotment most days but I was riding a lot too.
Rode 110 miles last week.
Did not start the crunches.
Did pass a major milestone, 10,000 miles since I started logging my rides in May of '07.

Missbumble 02-01-10 07:20 PM


Originally Posted by BigPolishJimmy (Post 10346214)
2010 Clydesdales/ Athenas Biggest Loser Week 5 2/1 - 2/7 OK - Here we go. Please join us as we all work toward our goals to be healthier and fitter in the New Year. How Does this Work? Mondays - Post your starting weight for the week and Goals for the week. Also report in on the prior week.

I think normally Missbumble starts these out, but I'm impatient, lets hear how it's going.

HEy Big Polish - Thanks for posting!!Will you please copy all the particpants into the first post so we can jeep them listed? Just do a copy from my post last week, k? I travel every Monday so won't be able to do this til late - so if you want to continue youare welcome to post - just be sure and add participants...let me know if you want to take this on since I am away on Mondays???

Missbumble 02-01-10 07:22 PM

2010 Start:185.5
Week2 Start: 183.5(-2YTD)
Week 3: 184 (-1.5YTD)
Week 4 182.5 (-3YTD) Ran 8.25 miles on Saturday - WOW!!!!
Week 5: 181.5 Maybe then the scale said 183 so I am not sure whcoih one it is?? Let'sfo with 181 (4.5 lbs down???? let's see what next week says)

Goals- Not trying to drastically reduce intake, but want to be more mindful. I need to adopt a healthier lifestyle to support a sexier Sue and the Triathlete in training. So Goals:
1) Drink more water!
2) Eat more at Subway that way I know the calories and quantities. (had one tonight! YAY ME! But 2 lite beers.....)
3) Stick to Half Ironman Training this week: Week 5. HArd to do so sinceI am working out of town....Will go running and check out Y tomorrow.

Nola_Gal 02-01-10 07:57 PM

I'm up half a pound this week to 211.5. I was fighting a cold all week and had to miss a couple of days work, and didn't use FitDay. I didn't go crazy with calories but lying around in bed didn't help at all. I am so ready for the summer!!!

baron von trail 02-01-10 09:41 PM

Eating a stew made primarily of quinoa, lentils & brussels sprouts, flavored by some onion & celery sauted in coconut oil, seasoned with sea salt & lots of black pepper for a late dinner, right now. For lunch, I had a salad and a bowl of lentil soup; add in a cacao & berry smoothie for breakfast.

Activity consisted of a mild level of exercise, mostly hiking. I'll probably walk off dinner out in the cold, strolling up and down a private 1/2 mile wooded lane. After that, some yoga and what-not with partner, gf.

cohophysh 02-01-10 10:37 PM

Start 302 now 300

jeneralist 02-02-10 06:44 AM

Yesterday was 233.6, today is 234.8 -- add another vote for "random fluctuations" and food eaten too close to bedtime.

Folks at work -- some co-workers, some customers -- are noticing my weight loss. I have to admit, it feels good when they say "You're looking great!" or "Hey Jen, your cheekbones are back!". Still, I worry that I'm paying too much attention to a number on the scale and a size when I buy clothes, and not enough to feeling better and getting healthier for their own sake.

davin1023 02-02-10 08:15 AM

I have been super busy over the last couple of weeks and missed last weeks weigh in. I am down 2.5 pounds over the last two weeks, which is good since I've not been eating the best and have not had much exercise in. My goals for this week are to get over the cold I've got, get in 5 days of exercise, alternating between the bike trainer and heavy bag work (a new addition to the regiment.)

Wylde06 02-02-10 10:57 AM

224.5...down 3.5 pounds.

The only thing I didn't do last week was at least 4 days on the trainer...I was close at 3. I really need to get back into a routine with the trainer of at 4-5 days a week. I really want to get to back to 7 days a week...

Im gonna keep the same goals for this week.

petflunky 02-03-10 12:42 PM

Im in. 276.8 this week. I'm going by memory for this number but it should be close. I have it written down and will make corrections if necessry when I get home.

JonnyHK 02-04-10 08:15 AM

Still around the 93.5kg mark. Stubborn, eh?

Was down at about 92kg the other day, but that was after doing 70km with a bunch of guys who were trying to average 30-35km/h, so mostly hydration. Damn I was tired. Even with the turns and stops my overall average was 23km/h.

rthomse 02-06-10 04:17 AM

Finally ringing in.268.6 at weight watchers. Rejoined riding snowing like the devil this weekend.

baron von trail 02-06-10 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by rthomse (Post 10368675) riding snowing like the devil this weekend.

I can relate. After riding my bicycles through most of every winter for what seems like forever, commuting or joy-riding on a snowy day, I haven't ridden a bike since early November this year due to pain in my leg, brought on by the cold and how the four pins still buried in my femur suck heat right out of that bone.
Until I get the doc to pull out those 4 heat sinks in April, it's no winter cycling for me. Instead, I go hiking, snow-shoeing or stay indoors doing yoga and then ride my trainer. No matter what though, I don't stop moving, ever.

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