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JordanD 02-01-10 09:04 AM

Introduction, New Clyde
Hello all, I'm new around here. My name is Jordan and I'm in Austin, Tx. After being rough on my body and always being sitting still reading and writing for college then grad school, I had gotten up to 280lbs. I graduated last May, and got a less stressful job. Now every day I eat my lunch at my desk, then use my lunch break to go for a walk. I'm down below 265 now. I am just starting to take the next step and begin commuting to work by bike. I used to be an avid bike rider (always mountain bikes and trails before), and now with the help of the folks over in the commuting forum, I've found and bought a Panasonic touring bike. My goal is to be back at the same weight I was when I was running track and putting over 1,000 miles per year on my bike: 220.

Nice to meet y'all.

10 Wheels 02-01-10 09:10 AM

Welcome Jordan.
You can do it.

txvintage 02-01-10 09:13 AM

Welcome Jordan!

I'm just outside of Plano in the sprawling Burbs of N. Dallas. You have a great city for cycling. There are tons of groups and more shops than you can shake a stick at.

What Panasonic did you get? Is it one of the new European made ones or a Vintage one? If it's Vintage you should drop in on the Classic and Vintage forum and introduce yourself, and your bike. I haven't had a chance to see one of the new Panasonics, so if it's one of those that will be really cool.

Did I forget to mention that pics of the ride are almost mandatory, lol.

Don't forget to drop into the Texas sub forum in the Regional forum and say hi. Several Austin area riders to meet.

Jtgyk 02-01-10 09:22 AM

What Tx said (and always manages to say better than me...darn it!)

And I think I remember the Panasonic being vintage from the posting in commuting.

MrClyde 02-01-10 09:38 AM

Welcome, and good luck.

jgjulio 02-01-10 09:39 AM

Welcome Jordan
You sound like you are already well on your way.

funrover 02-01-10 09:50 AM


rumrunn6 02-01-10 10:01 AM

I'm 220 ... come join me, I'm waiting!

welcome to the pack

JordanD 02-01-10 12:10 PM

The Panasonic is indeed vintage, a '89 PT-4500 that I just bought by dumb luck and lots of help from the commuter forum from the original owner (who bought it as an overstock in '90). Does 21 years count as vintage?

I'm just an outdoors person, so time cooped up in a bus or car is time wasted.

Pics will be coming soon.

bautieri 02-01-10 01:36 PM

Welcome to the herd!

AndrewP 02-01-10 01:53 PM

It has downtube shifters. Therefore it is vintage. A modern upgrade that would be worth considering is a freehub rear wheel. Search here for more info

Daspydyr 02-02-10 04:18 PM

Hey Newbie, you are in good company. My life motto was live hard, die young and leave a worn out corpse. I accomplished 1 and 3. Now I have a worn out corpse that has to last a while. Biking and eating good has sure been good to me. I'm settled in at 220, but want to get to 210. I'm 6'3". I started riding again last July and am grateful for it.

You will enjoy the effort and sacrifice of getting your shape and life back in your control.

bbeck 02-02-10 07:19 PM


seenoweevil 02-03-10 08:17 AM

Welcome Jordan! Keep the pedals churning and congrats on your vintage ride(from a... "vintage" rider)!
- karlo

JordanD 02-03-10 08:41 AM

The bike is great. It is much faster than my old MTB on the street, and out of shape as I am it is getting me to work in the same time as riding the bus would. I rode in the rain for the first time today, and it wasn't so bad with my bike's full fenders, rain jacket, and dry work clothes in my backpack. So far over my first day and a half of commuting, I have logged 19 miles (a little more than I thought I would be riding).

DanteB 02-03-10 12:00 PM

Welcome, you've come to the right place. Lots of helpful people here.:thumb:

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