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baron von trail 02-08-10 11:35 PM

BF: A Year in Review
A year ago, this week, as I rapidly approached 230 lbs, bringing me awfully close to being 50 pounds overweight, I hopped back onto this forum in a desperate attempt to get a handle on the uptick in poundage. Just riding my bike wasn't doing the trick. I needed more.

It wasn't long ago that I used BF to help me quit smoking. I rode about 50 miles per day, but smoked like a fiend. Riding alone didn't get me off cigs. Hardcore cyclists, aged well over 50, blowing me, dropping me, got me to quit the death sticks. Posting about the new cigarette-free me on Bf kept me off of them.

So, I knew the Forums would be very useful in getting me focused. I knew that hanging with the Clydes would help me get back down around the 200 lbs I am typically used to weighing (my weight over the past 20 yrs was always around 195-200 with some spike into the low 200's).

I was not at all disappointed. From the first day in which I began posting here, I stopped gaining weight. And, after the first month, I began losing the weight. A few months later...

I broke my leg. Whoops.

This could have been a Huge problem. I could have gained weight while laid up. I could have gotten lazy. I didn't.

Why? BF. P&R to be exact.

I lost 20 pounds rehabbing my leg while uselessly arguing over every religious and/or political point imaginable. I couldn't have done it without that forum. That p&r forum and my mobil Internet connection helped get me to quit TV.

By August, Homey here was weighing in at a svelt 200 lbs even; come October, 190; and by December: I quit arguing and dropped down to just below 185.

Which is what I weigh 185 today.

Thanks gang!


txvintage 02-09-10 01:14 AM

And some epic discussions they were:thumb:

I haven't dropped in to the fray in a long long time. I actually found the longer my femur rehab took, the less time I spent there.

On the 26th I have my last Doc visit regarding the leg/knee. After that. it is what it is. I'm not doing surgery, no more PT, but I will give into the once a day arthritis drug for a reasonable period of time.

It's darn near Spring in Texas and that means it's time to ride. Every.Friggin.Day.

Tom Stormcrowe 02-09-10 05:06 AM

Hey, Baron! Good to hear from ya! Good on ya for keeping off the weight.

MrDavros2U 02-09-10 07:00 AM

Great Job!!!

I am now using these forums for some of the same reasons as you. There is nothing better than knowing that there are others facing and overcoming some of the same challenges.

Congrats again.

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