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BayBruin 02-17-10 01:22 PM

Garmin Edge 705 Heart Monitor Question
Let me preface this by saying that I have given this a lot of thought....I have done a lot of riding (5K commute miles in one year, 72 mile Lake Tahoe loop no sweat, etc.) and I have some major cycling events coming up this year (Tahoe again, and <gulp> Death Ride). Unfortunately my usual training partners aren't as dedicated as I am these days, and the few that are are way too fast for me to keep I want to get this cyclo computer/GPS so I can train more on my own...different routes....distances etc. Plus I want to track my miles, altitude gains, and also heart rate.

Now my question....I am a big chested guy and I want to make sure the HR strap from Garmin will fit me. I called their customer support but the kid, although nice, was no help at all. Said the strap in conjuntion with the HR monitor band would stretch to about 37 inches max. I told him that was really unlikely because I know very, very few dudes who's chests are under 37 inches. Does anyone on here have experience with this or other similar HR monitor straps and is there any problem with it being big enough when adjusted to fit a big but not huge guy (my chest is probably 50 inches)? Thanks.

rdtompki 02-17-10 01:46 PM

The Garmin HR monitor is 39-40" max before you even stretch it. Will do 48" with no problem. My chest i 43" and I'm not close to using up the entire length

BayBruin 02-17-10 01:56 PM

That's encouraging. Thanks.

spthealien 02-17-10 02:55 PM

I have around a 49" and the one I got with my Edge 500 fits fine.

kabersch 02-17-10 03:12 PM

I have a 50" chest and have no problems using the HRM for my Edge 305. It's not anywhere near full length. Should be the same strap. It looks like a standared HRM chest unit. I don't think you'll have a problem.

Daspydyr 02-17-10 03:34 PM

I have the 305 and just stretched the band as far as I could. 65" At 50 it would be comfortable.

BayBruin 02-17-10 05:12 PM

VERY, VERY Helpful folks! Thanks so much. I have been away from these forums for a long time and I now I remember why I miss coming here. Great info.

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