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damnable 03-22-10 03:23 PM

Hi everyone,

After having a knee injury and focusing more on cycling I'm looking at an n+1.

The trouble is, I don't have anything in particular in mind or any particular job. I really would like a bit of an all around bike. I am aiming to start commuting when giving the go ahead to ride off the trainer by medical peoples. My full commute would be 30K each way, but I have the option of alternating the ride to make it once a day (good bike storage at work) or driving half way and going from there.

I currently have an old steel frame LeMond Alp D'uez which I really like and was going to use for commuting.

So I'm considering another. Cyclocross bikes look to do the job, or tourers. Since it's a longish commute I'd probably get something a bit more roadish (such as cyclocross) over a real beater commuter (e.g. rigid MTB with slicks).

Anything you think I should consider?

I'm not actually allowed to test ride anything at the moment so it's just down to research to narrow choices really. I've always felt like getting another bike, this just give me much better reason to.

mthayer 03-22-10 08:48 PM

Question what exactly is N+1?

gitarzan 03-22-10 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by mthayer (Post 10563485)
Question what exactly is N+1?

It refers to the number of bikes you have plus 1. It means whatever you have you need just one more.

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