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Missbumble 03-28-10 04:01 PM

2010 Clydesdales/ Athenas Biggest Loser Week 13 3/29 - 4/4 Let's Move It!
2010 Clydesdales/ Athenas Biggest Loser Week 13 3/29 - 4/4

OK - Here we go. Please join us as we all work toward our goals to be healthier and fitter in the New Year.

How Does this Work?
Mondays - Post your starting weight for the week and Goals for the week. Also report in on the prior week.

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Missbumble 03-28-10 04:05 PM

2008 - April 21 a month and a half before I started with new bike and new food plan: 226.5
2009- 5/4 1 year o fbiking and new food plan: 173.5
2010 Start:185.5 (I gained but not that much and am pretty happy with weight, but would like to lose it and weigh about 151ish...size 8 oh and have a spectacular life partner, hubby, man......and a pony.

Week2 Start: 183.5(-2YTD)
Week 3: 184 (-1.5YTD)
Week 4 182.5 (-3YTD) Ran 8.25 miles on Saturday - WOW!!!!
Week 5: 181.5
Week 6:180 Really? So (-5.5 YTD) YAY ME!
Week 7 180.5 (-5 YTD) Valentines Day.......
Week 8 I dunno - at parents...hopefuly holding steday. This is a tough place for me food wise.
Week 9 178 Really???Week 10: No exercise all week - up to 181.5 Ithink the Vanilla Yogurt Sunday did not help!
Week11: 183
Week 12: ??
Week 13: 183.5 YIKES TIME TO GET MOVIN!!

I will weigh in the morning and then postBut I thought I woudo remind myslef that it is so much funner to be lighter - so Let's Move It. This week I intend to go to Subway at Lunch time and buy dinner. Wake up at 6 and run for 30 miinutes...or if I have car go to gym and spin. NO wine/beer during the week unless at an event.

Drink water - 3 bottles would be a good start at work.

Ok - I am worth it - Hear me roar.

Rode Sat 50 miles with the boys. Hard to walk afterwards - I think running during the week or spining will help keep me fit for riding since I do not have a bike with me and am in a not so safe area when I travel ...

Ok everyone - let's hear how you are doing.
Goal: 151

OK I am going inthe worng direction. I am backng off of my relationship and looking into what is really good for me. Have a new project and am very uptight about it...So who knows maybe that is impacting my food choices. So net net it's all up to me.

OK - Goals:
Easy does it on concierge loungs food and salad bar at lunch.
Give up the snackwells.
Back off of the cheese nibbling I do in the lounge.

Tuesdy - Run 3 miles
Wednesday - Fitness Video
Thursday - Run
Friday - Gym in Atlantic City hopefully - Weights / FInd an LA Fitness
Saturday - Run
Sunday - Weigths

jeneralist 03-29-10 04:42 AM

Moving in the right direction: 211.2 lbs this morning For a reminder, I was 236.0 on January 1, and 255 at some point over last summer when I started trying to change things around. I've got an appointment with my surgeon later in the week -- if I can actually make it there (I missed my last appointment because work went crazy), I expect he'll tighten the band around my stomach.

The goal had been 200 -- now I'm thinking of trying for 180.

BigPolishJimmy 03-29-10 06:41 AM

272.7 this morning! Hey I can suck in my gut again. I'm either continuing the downward trend or finding a new plateau, last Tuesday I hit 272.5, but then went back up to 274.5-+-ish for the rest of the week. I've been doing more yard work, and less exercise bike. I really need to get out more on my real bikes, but the weather has been a bit on the cold side. I also need to buy some bibs and gloves for this season. I could just ride my recumbent at the club rides, but those rides are fairly short and I think I can build up enough 'posterior' to ride them on a normal bike. Still I need to re-pack some bearings and put in new cables on my recent 'my-size' aquisitions to make them road worthy. The new-since-the-new-year eating habits seem to be paying off. I don't loose at spectacular amounts, but I could eat like this pretty much forever and not feel like I'm suffering. The bad food items that I like have become 'special' again, instead of normal ho-hum weekly meals.

Week 2 - 295 lbs (start)
Week 3 - 291.5 lbs
Week 4 - 284.4 lbs
Week 5 - 282.5 lbs
Week 6 - 280.2 lbs
Week 7 - 281.3 lbs
Week 8 - 282.0 lbs
Week 9 - 280.0 lbs
Week 10 - 278 lbs
Week 11 - 279.5 lbs
Week 12 - 274.3 lbs
Week 13 - 272.7 lbs

youcoming 03-29-10 08:13 AM

Down a pound from last week, that puts me at 204lbs. Close to the magical onesees but not quite there yet. Weather is starting to finally look like spring so many k's coming up to take care of those last four pounds and beyond. I'm gunning for 175-185 by end of summer.

Kazzy 03-29-10 04:24 PM

I've been sick for better than a week. I only got one ride in last week and it really wiped me out. I'm hoping to be well enough to start riding again by the end of the week. I've been under 200 lbs for the last two mornings. 199.6 this AM so I'll take that! I'm still bouncing around the 200 mark during the day but I'm on my way down. That's 26 pounds lost for this quarter. Yay!

emperorcezar 03-30-10 06:38 AM

Started last week at 278. Starting this week at 275. Another three pounds. Would be nice if this 3 pounds a week business keeps going. :)

krazygl00 03-30-10 09:38 AM

Was only down 1.6lbs this Monday morning, which is a little disappointing. I think I didn't drink enough water over the weekend, and I'm sure I haven't ridden as much in the past week.

I spent Monday hydrating and re-weighed on Tuesday AM, and was at 272.8, which is 2lbs, but I'm not counting it since it is not my Monday AM weigh-in. But still good. I try to avoid obsessively weighing in during the week but sometimes cannot help it. Anyone else have this problem?

March 01, 2010 285.0
March 08, 2010 280.6
March 15, 2010 277.4
March 22, 2010 274.8
March 29, 2010 273.2
April 5, 2010 269.9

11.8 lbs in 4 weeks, which isn't too bad. I'd like to get below 270 by next Monday as I want to take that week off from dieting. It'll be Easter weekend (Brunch, etc.) and then later in the week we have friends visiting and I want to relax a little.

5kdad 03-30-10 12:35 PM

Beginning weight, November 8 - 221
Jan 1 - 208.2
1 - 200.9
7 - 201.5
15 - 202.5
22 - 198.7
1 - 196.1
8 - 200.0
15 - 198.1
22 - 197.1
29 - 195.9

Not much progress this month, but we moved, so I'll blame it on that. Still doing the pescetarian diet (vegetarian with fish). Feeling great, that's what matters!

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