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statelax3 03-30-10 06:12 PM

67 days with no riding
Holy cow I am surprised how good the legs felt tonight, but pretty disappointed in the heart rate. I was able to sustain 27mph for 1 minute on flat ground but the heart rate hit 194. I felt pretty alive at the time though! I started in August of last year and went from 278 to 239 by Christmas. I am at 242 now and am looking to drop the last 30 over the spring and summer.

xray1978 03-30-10 11:34 PM

Awesome, it does feel good. I did my first long ride of the year yesterday. I was out 3 hours. I really needed a ride like that, it has been since October since I had a ride as long as that. Good luck on the weight loss. If you have lost that much weight, you will lose more if you keep at it. I have lost 50lbs and would like to lose another 20 but am having one hell of a time getting it to go away. I guess I will just have to ride my bike more :)

Mr. Beanz 03-31-10 09:57 AM


Originally Posted by statelax3 (Post 10600313)
I was able to sustain 27mph for 1 minute on flat ground

Wow, that's pretty good! I've been riding for 15 years and have a hard time doing that!:thumb:

statelax3 03-31-10 05:30 PM

i may be a little younger and have a little more spring in my step. i also had 67 day fresh legs.

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