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traitorhound 04-01-10 07:15 PM

After School/Work Ride repot 4/1/10
Did 12 miles today at Snow Hill.

Had to back track on a couple of trails since areas are still flooded from the last rains but overall the trail is in excellent condition. I will have to get some pictures next time I am out there. Riding there during the week is so much better than on the weekend (there is nobody out there).

Broke my chain on the way back (about mile 7). Luckily it broke near the Power-Link and I was just able to take off the broken section and ride with a shorter chain and no big chain ring riding on the way back. I had the bright idea to run 2 chains (always have one clean and ready to go). This was actually the first ride on this chain. I felt a weird couple of clicks and didn't think much about it and then the next pedal boom...look down and chain is gone. The bad link looked like the side plate just came out of the pin (defective chain maybe). All in all it was a pretty good ride.

I need to get out and ride more. I lost about 20 lbs at the end of the year and made it down to 250. I'm now hovering back up at 260 ish and need to get back on a regimen to get down to my goal (210-215).

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