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funrover 04-02-10 01:30 PM

Got the old classic out for a cruise
So a while back I picked up an old Schwinn Racer 3 speed that had been neglected for years and was going to be tossed to the curb. I took it home and the hub and all worked, I knew I was going to keep this bike. Go forward some, items are cleaned/lubed. New cables, tires and tubes. It's time to see how it does. My friend and I went for a ride, I ended up working a couple hours of OT so we started much later that we thought. better grab the light.... glad I did. Had a great time, did around 16 - 18 miles best we can figure. Bike did great, I will be doing more rides with it here shortly!

Arvadaman 04-02-10 05:53 PM

Sweet! Nice old bike. I like the shot of Castle Rock in the background.

xray1978 04-03-10 01:09 AM

That looks like fun! It makes makes me happy that you rescued that bike. A lot of people dislike old Schwinns but I love them. Maybe not the fastest, lightest, or most advanced bikes but they are fun, tough, and comfy to ride. I wish I could find cool old free bikes in the dumpsters around here but poor college kids snap them up fast!

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