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neilfein 04-08-10 01:18 PM

3-day tour in DC, MD, VA - Includes Martha's longest day of riding yet!
We had a great time, riding a hair over 100 miles in three days, including Martha's longest day of riding yet - 48 miles on the second day.
Martha and her bike in the DC Metro, on the way to the trailhead in Dunn-Loring/ Merrifield, VA
Martha on the Washington and Old Dominion rail trail in Virginia

We stayed overnight at a hotel in Leesburg (there are no campsites on the W&OD). In the morning, we got back on the trail and rode to Purcellville.
W&OD in Virginia
We crossed about 12 miles of Virginia on the roads, towards Brunswick, MD and the Chesapeake & Ohio trail.

Storm damage on the C&O is, on the whole fairly light, with a few rough spots.

We picked up some water about 10 miles south of Brunswick, at a local convenience store. We should have gotten more than we did!

An hour later, we were again low on water, and the water pumps on the trail were turned off - the park does this when the water quality is unacceptable. We went off the trail for about 5 or 6 miles, seeking water, unsuccessfully. After a 48-mile day, we set up camp at the Chisel Branch campsite, near the Goose Creek River Lock on the C&O.
Cooking dinner with rationed water

We were able to get water about 15 miles later, from some friendly car campers who had brought a lot of it with them.
Snapping turtle (ID'd by a trail volunteer) on the C&O
At the Great Falls on the Potomac River

After leaving the Falls (which are spectacular!), Martha started feeling unsteady and was getting heat rash on her forearms. (She's very pale to begin with, and goes through a lot of sunscreen.) Martha didn't feel capable of riding any more, so she phoned her Father for a pickup (her folks live only a few miles away) and we called it a day 3 miles from mile zero of the C&O. Finding an access point by car took him a few hours; I had to ride to him, and then we found an access point where I could ride to Martha and then escort her back to the car, slowly.

Neil_B 04-08-10 08:38 PM

Very nice, Neilfein and Mr. Neilfein.

Where did you cross the river? Whites Ferry?

neilfein 04-08-10 09:18 PM

No, at Brunswick.

Am I Neilfein or Mr. Neilfein?

cyclokitty 04-08-10 09:26 PM

Oo heat rashes. I get those all the time. Hate 'em.

It looked like a great weekend. I need to get Mr. Cyclokitty to get his butt to the bike store so I can brag about bike weekends.

Great photos!!

Neil_B 04-09-10 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by neilfein (Post 10644792)
No, at Brunswick.

Am I Neilfein or Mr. Neilfein?

Ha Ha. Pain makes me type funny things. :-(

breadbin 04-09-10 02:00 AM

lovely photos and thanks for sharing them:) the one of martha and the rationed water looks fantastic so too the road between the trees. sounds like a lovely trip!

JimF22003 04-09-10 05:01 AM

Nice report, Neil. It's funny how a trail I've ridden on hundreds of times, and am thoroughly sick of, can seem interesting, just by virtue of a few nice pics and an interesting ride report :)

adrien 04-09-10 07:14 AM

That's home territory for me...did you stop for BBQ on the WOD?

Every year I work up to ride the fuill WOD out and back in one shot, usually over memorial day weekend -- about 100 miles once you figure in getting there (I live in Alexandria). Seeing those pics makes me want to go on back out!

neilfein 04-09-10 09:00 AM


Originally Posted by adrien (Post 10646000)
That's home territory for me...did you stop for BBQ on the WOD?

We did not; this trip was during Passover, and there are very few restaurants that we can eat at at during the holiday :(

MVclyde 04-09-10 07:25 PM

Great ride and nice pics. Looks like ya'll had a great time. I need to get up that way more often. Haven't riden the W&OD in a while.

Mr. Beanz 04-09-10 08:17 PM

AAAAAAAAAAAllright Martha!:thumb:

Neil_B 04-10-10 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. Beanz (Post 10649155)
AAAAAAAAAAAllright Martha!:thumb:

Not surprising. Mrs. Fein is tough as Neils, err, nails.

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