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funrover 04-11-10 10:05 PM

Sundays bike ride (PICS)
My buddy and I headed out to try Indian Creek, that was a no go. There is still a lot of snow in that area so I figured since we were on hwy 67 just take it over to Buffalo Creek. That was a great idea. Weather was fantastic and the trail was in great condition. Few wet spots but nothing major. We didn't have a lot of time to ride there but managed to ride Shingle Mill and Morison Creek for a loop. I had forgotten how great of an area that was.

jboyd 04-11-10 10:12 PM

Dude, I love your ride pics. Your area is awesome. Thank you for posting.

I look forward to your next adventure. That is what rides are to me. Every ride, no matter how benign, is always an adventure.

funrover 04-12-10 05:51 PM

Always glad to help! I have been slacking on the post up lately.

funrover 04-13-10 10:33 PM

A few more pics my friend sent me

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