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IAmCosmo 04-12-10 02:08 PM

First century of the season...
Saturday I went and rode the bike portion of the triathlon I'm doing May 1. Rode it once just to see the course, then rode it again at my "race" pace. The fastest time last year was just over 32 minutes. Average times were in the high 40 to low 50 minute range. I set a goal of doing it in 45 minutes. Did it in just under 41.

So, didn't plan on riding yesterday, but my father in law talked me into it. Told me to bring a lot of water and food. I got there, and he told me we were riding this:

I know I should have just said no, but I let my ego get the best of me. It honestly wasn't as bad as I had feared. Don't get me wrong... it was tough. Especially the 13 mile climb just after the turn around point. Just took all the climbs slow and in my low gears. The map is off somewhere I think. We both had 114 miles on our computers, but the map shows 126. But, I think 114 is plenty.

Took us just over 8 hours of riding time. About 10 hours total after multiple breaks and stopping for lunch.

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