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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Canadian Chick
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Women who have overcome butt pain.. mind telling me how long it took or saddle used?

The #1 thing keeping me from riding an upright bike is the horrible arse pain I get. I tried a few different saddles, I know spongy gel saddles are a bad idea etc.. but even when I was lighter weight I still had butt pain..
Its rather like the tissue that hits the public bone is being bruised... and I can't seem to find a saddle that lets my sitbones get comfy.

Would like some first hand info before I spend even more money on another saddle.

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Mr. Beanz
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My wife uses a Lady Dolce Gel saddle ($50). She does 40-50 mile rides every Sat and Sunday and up to 84 miles (her longest ride) with no problem.
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I have a Brooks butt. Not everyone does. Since a few manufacturers are speccing B-17s on their bikes, trying one out is no longer a huge hassle. That's pretty much what I did, and it was instant relief. So when I decided on my new bike, I had them put a B-17S on it. The S basically stands for "short nose", and most women who ride seriously would not use it... I went S since I ride a step through hybrid with a pretty upright posture and I ride in skirts sometimes. I still end up breaking my butt in again after a long layoff, but it's not a saddle sore and numbness plagued event anymore. The first ride or two at a long distance might hurt a tad, but often that's as much from the workout as anything else.

WTB saddles and Specialized saddles seem to have a fair number of fans too. And Terry seems to work very well for some people. Everyone's body is different! If you poke around, it's often possible to find particular saddle models stock on a given bike. I would be pretty reluctant to buy a saddle without trying it out first. (it's not always *possible* to try before you buy, but I'd want a pretty damn good warranty if I'm shelling out over about $20)
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If the soft tissue over your pubic bone is bruised a) i am wondering how you main upright and still manage to do that and b) you are WAY too far leaned over. If this is just a terminology issue and you are confusing your pubic bone with your sit bones (ischial tuberosities), then I recommend a quick google to view the pelvis and what is where

If your soft tissues (basically your external lady parts) are sore and/or irritated, then there are several potential problems. If your saddle is too far away from your handle bars, you have to reach far enough that your pelvis is leaning foward, putting your weight on your ladybidness instead of your sit bones. If you don't have quality cycling shorts, invest in some. Cheap or no cycling shorts are going to do a number on your undercarriage. I also use an embrocation product (basically a cream that prevents chafing and irritation), but that is a personal preference, as some do not need it. Good shorts are a must, though.

The saddle itself is a personal choice, what works for me might and likely won't work for you. I would recommend that if you already have good cycling shorts, you next look around at your local bike shops for test saddle programs so that you can test a saddle out without spending money on something that won't work. i know fizik and specialized both have measuring systems to measure how wide your saddle generally should be, and fizik has a test program at most of their dealer shops. If there aren't any test programs, at least look for flexible return policies so that you can return it if the saddle doesn't work for you. I would stay away from gushy soft saddles though, as those generally make the issue worse after a few miles when your butt hurts because it's struggling to keep itself secure on a surface that is constantly moving around.

Also, have you been fitted? Your position on your bike could very well be causing you to sit in such a way that your soft tissues are supporting your weight, not your sit bones, and making it difficult to comfortably settle on you sit bones. Your reach to the handlebars, saddle height, and saddle angle all can affect how you sit on your saddle, and affect your comfort.

If you are just starting out with cycling after a long hiatus or for the first time, there is period of time where your butt has to break in, so-to-speak. Generally this is more of an ache because your pelvis isn't used to the position or what you are sitting on, but that generally clears up after the first few rides. It doesn't take much time for your butt to decondition, either.
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My wife was comfy on a Brooks when she did her first centuries, but she just loves the Terry Butterfly I put on her new road bike a couple of years ago and now has one on all three of her bikes. They used to come in pink, now just black. The ti railed version is what she prefers, didn't like the cromo-railed cheaper version I tried to sneak on her once.

That said, a saddle is a personal thing, what works for one may not work for another. Hopefully your LBS has a good return policy on saddles or lets you test ride them for a spell.
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flatt nutts
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dude, the wtb v series is the way to go. sense i got one i have never hand any problems. try one any you will never go back.
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Okay, I'm not a woman but...Are you wearing bike specific shorts with a chamois? If you're wearing regular shorts or pants without a gusset in the crotch, the seam you're sitting on will give you discomfort forever.
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Originally Posted by chipcom View Post
That said, a saddle is a personal thing, what works for one may not work for another. Hopefully your LBS has a good return policy on saddles or lets you test ride them for a spell.
^^This. You should be able to try before you buy.

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Here is the perfect saddle for me that solved all the butt pain problems and I can stay more than 1 h on the saddle almost every day. (good description, look for better price somewhere else)
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We need to know how long you've been trying to ride an upright bike. If its only very occasionally or if you've only been trying for a few days, just keep at it. We're used to couches and chairs that basically cradle our entire body. All of a sudden, you're switching to being supported in only six small spots (hands, feet and sit bones). Lucky for you, these are all really touch body parts designed to carry a lot of weight, but if you never use them for such, it'll take at least a week or two to get used to it. I wouldn't even buy a new saddle yet. (I wasted $20 on a gel saddle cover on my second day of cycling because I couldn't believe how much pain my butt was in. A couple weeks later I ditched the gel—I'm pretty sure it actually made my break-in period longer—and ride on your typical lightly padded plastic saddle.

If this is more of an ongoing problem (say, more than a month), then I'd start looking at new saddles, and failing that, medical diagnoses.
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