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adamant 04-22-10 08:57 PM

Specialized Roubaix Pro tires.. junk?
20 miles and i had a flat on my Specialized Roubaix Pro tires. some tell me they are junk and some say they are just as good as the gator tires. i am looking for flat free protection. what tires do you guys recomend? i am 270 lbs..

Kneez 04-22-10 09:36 PM

Flats happen. I don't think you'll ever find "flat free protection."

briedel 04-22-10 11:07 PM

You can get a flat even when your tire isnt punctured. Your tube could have just have worn down because, for example, there wasnt too much air in the tube... has happened to me before

socalrider 04-22-10 11:52 PM

when you find a tire that never flats let me know where to buy them.. 1 flat does not make a poor tire, it is just bad luck at times..

If you stated you rode 20 miles and had 4 flats, that would be another story.

Over the years I have had good success with Specialized tires.. I prefer the Serfas Seca tires right now, for overall flat protection and low rolling resistance..

Mr. Beanz 04-22-10 11:58 PM

I won't buy SPecialized tires. I paid $40 for a Mondo S works. It was thrashed within 500 miles, misisng a chunk of rubber. i know others with similar stories, ther was one posted in the road forum just the other day with pics where rubber lifted off the tire.

Well, other than an Armadillo. I did 5000 miles on one last year with all sorts of terrain, trail, roads, mountains without a single flat!:thumb: Threads were starting to seriously show so I took it off, but not a single flat!:D

bautieri 04-23-10 06:07 AM

The only thing garenteed to keep you free from flats is staying at home on the couch with the curtains drawn and a blanket pulled up over your head.

Flats happen. Your description lacked any specific details to help us pinpoint what the problem could be (rim tape, under inflated tires, puncture, sidewall blow out etc.) Sorry bout your luck, patch the tube, remove the offending object (if any) and go for another ride.

DieselDan 04-23-10 06:15 AM

My experience with Specialized Armadillos is high rolling resistance. I never flatted, but I felt like I was dragging a U-Haul trailer.

Brando_T. 04-23-10 11:59 AM

I got repeated flats with the specialized tires that came on my sirrus (which no doubt weren't the same as the Roubaix Pro tires).

I went with Continental Contact tires. Flat free since (knock on wood)

Henry5 04-23-10 01:08 PM

Can't add anymore than whats been said....flats happen. Having said that I've got the same bike/tire and weigh about the same as you. I've got 300 miles on the tire with no (zero) flats so far. Of course I've jinxed myself now.

Mr. Beanz 04-23-10 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by DieselDan (Post 10711901)
My experience with Specialized Armadillos is high rolling resistance. I never flatted, but I felt like I was dragging a U-Haul trailer.

I used it as a trainig tire, 4, 5, 6, 7000 ft of climbing through the mountains. Then on event day, slapped on a Conti GP4000 !:D

It is a great training tire,no flats!

IAmCosmo 04-23-10 02:03 PM

I currently have Specialized Mondo Pro tires on both of my primary bikes. I usually ride Vredsteins, but the pair on one bike was getting worn down, so I put the Specializeds on until I got new tires. I rode them and loved the way they rode. I ended up switching to them on my other bike too. One pair has about 1700-1800 miles on them. The other only has a couple hundred. So far no complaints. I run about 100 psi in them, and I weigh about 240. So far I've been pretty lucky and haven't gotten any flats in about 3 years. I'm now knocking on wood hoping that my next ride won't be riddled with flats.

But, back to the OP's question.... my father in law has Roubaix tires on his Roubaix and has no complaints. He's about 160# though. Unless the tire is getting cut or torn or something, I would blame the tube for a flat. Check to make sure it's inflated enough before EVERY ride, and if you keep getting flats, see where in the tube the hole is happening. That should lead you to the culprit. But, if it's just one random flat, chalk it up to bad luck.

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