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dcrowell 04-24-10 12:42 PM

Phooey on lack of rain...
Yup, I'm complaining because it didn't rain.

You see, I needed to mow the lawn, but would rather ride the bike. I also have a lot of chores around the house to do. If it would have rained I wouldn't be able to mow, and would have went for a ride.

I started mowing figuring that it would start raining, but it didn't. The yard is done and the skies are looking ominous, but now I have the other chores to do. Even if I finish everything, we're now under a tornado watch, and I probably shouldn't be out riding anyway.

My life is getting too busy. I'm waiting to go back to work on Monday, as I usually ride my bike to work. It's getting to be my only chance to ride.

/ rant over

coldfeet 04-24-10 04:24 PM

Well it's snowing here, Again.:(

dcrowell 04-24-10 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by coldfeet (Post 10718134)
Well it's snowing here, Again.:(

You can keep your snow. I've had enough of that for a while.

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