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Mr. Beanz 04-24-10 09:21 PM

Some Saturday Trail Ride Fun 94/24)
Saturday 04/24/10... 49 miles. Planned to ride with Gina but last second call directed her elsewhere. So I head from the Leaky Ftn to Imperial but met up with another rider at the HC water stop who redirected me to the coast. So we hit the coast then on the return, run into AznCarbos once again admiring his rocks on the side of the road. I figure I'll ride to Edna Park, turn around and hit the coast once again for some mileage. The looks on riders' faces are funny when they see you here, then see you there. I swear I saw Eric Anderson and MTBLrkr like 32 times.

So I chat with AC at the coast for a while as Alex2 appears. Long story short, we ride back together.

Dude was on a cool looking 3 speed he made out of some old parts....AND kicking butt on some BIG ol balloon tires! He actually pulled around and did a couple of pulls to help me out.

Second time heading to the coast, this dude worked with me for a bit

Some wild and crazy guys

Heading back with Alex2

Riding back with AznCarbos

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