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TrekJapan 04-25-10 03:17 AM

Pain Cure
Hi......was a Clyde and technically now I'm not but have always found this to be one of the better forums for help and advice. Hopefully I have a found a tip that can be helpful to someone.

Over the last few months I've been plagued with pain, not horrible pain but back pain, knee pain, calf pain, and achilles pain. I can NEVER pinpoint the source of the pain and sometimes I work out a trigger muscle pain only to have the darn pain move around on me.

Kind of came to the conclusion that it is sciatica or something like it. My father had it as well and was troubled by it considerably.

Naturally this pain affects my biking and to a greater extent my running.

I've always been a sloucher and always sit in a super relaxed posture. Also it seems like I'm always sitting on my wallet and this pain is only in my right side.

In the last couple of months I've been forcing myself to observe good posture and I remove my wallet from the back pocket and move it up front (in public) or just plain old remove it in private.

My pains have all but gone away.

My ride pic from today to keep it relevant.


jboyd 04-25-10 02:06 PM

I didn't have pain in my body before age 40. I have not had a day without pain since:(

Very cool picture. What is the crop in field behind the bike?

TrekJapan 04-25-10 03:42 PM

I took the picture on Ie Shima island just off of Okinawa Japan. Probably the best relevant history here that an American might relate to is that this is where Ernie Pyle, the famous WW II reporter got killed in April 1945 during the landing.

The whole island and the whole island industry is pretty much farming. Cash crops here are exotic flowers, especially Lilly's, sugar cane and tobacco.

I'm reasonably certain the field in that photo is a tobacco field.


jboyd 04-25-10 05:00 PM


Originally Posted by TrekJapan (Post 10721488)
I'm reasonably certain the field in that photo is a tobacco field.


Tobacco was my guess, but without the Kentucky background ( as I see Tobacco here), I was thrown.

Jtgyk 04-25-10 05:34 PM

As a Massage Therapist, I've had wonderful results with performing the "Wallet-ectomy" (well, having my clients do it anyway...).:p
The wallet, in the back pocket, usually is situated right over a deep muscle called the piriformis. The sciatic nerve runs directly under, over, or sometimes through the piriformis (depending on the person) and any irritation to the piriformis can impinge on the nerve causing pain down the leg.:cry:

So guys, do yourself a favor and carry stuff in the front pockets.:thumb:
Or you can pay a Doctor or Therapist their fee (keeping us in business) :):thumb:
and we'll eventually help you "deflate" that wallet enough that it doesn't bother you so much.:D

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