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acpeeps 05-01-10 04:33 AM

long ride for this big guy yesterday....
74 miles, with my ride time being about 4 hours, my sigma HRM/computer says 4500cal (yea right) average HR at 139, max 162
averaged about 18 MPH, and the only problem, broke a spoke......but it didn't throw the wheel off so much that I couldn't finish
all in all, a great day:thumb:

youcoming 05-01-10 04:38 AM

Other than the spoke sounds like a great day! As for the calorie thing you can pretty much knock off 25-30% or at least thats what most people say. Pretty damn good numbers too. I'd be over joyed to avg. 18mph. For me to get that I'd have to choose my route wisely and make sure it was flat!

Brando_T. 05-01-10 08:04 AM

I'd be happy with a 139 avg heart rate as well, yesterday's ride of 50 km was an avg of 152, but I think I started dehydrated.

funrover 05-01-10 10:26 AM


10 Wheels 05-01-10 10:29 AM

So Fast

Nola_Gal 05-01-10 03:35 PM

To get an 18mph average, my route would have to be down hill! :rolleyes:

acpeeps 05-02-10 08:41 PM

my route....
there and back

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