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daffonce 05-01-10 02:38 PM

My morning ride
So I have been trying to go out with a local group of riders twice a week. They ride paceline. Here's my story of the morning.

So last night I go out with some friends have beers and cigars after having calamari, sushi, and clam chowder. Man I'm off to a good start for the Saturday ride.

Show up at home at 1:15 AM put all my bike stuff together and check over the bike.

Go to bet about 1:30 AM. Man 6:30AM is going to show up early.

End up out of bed at 730 AM, oh crap I gotta be in needham in an hour (25 minutes away).

Rush through my morning routine, and I am out the door at 745AM.

Show up to the ride start on time feeling decent.

I ride off with the slow 28 mile group (17-18MPH group). I start near the front, they push up hills, on the flats they are cranking along at 24 MPH. I take my turn at the front lead the group up 2 little hills. I fall off the lead and then fall off the line (the line had split into 2, obviously I was with the wrong group). At one of the next lights legs burning pretty good at this point a trailing group catches up to us. I think hmmm this is the rest of the 28 mile group I should join in with them they are riding a decent pace. My legs were hurting pretty good as a result of the debauchery of the night before and my little run with the fast guys. I'm lagging a little going up the hills and catching up easily on the flats, I have no legs for the hills today.

At about mile 20 I realize this isn't the same route I rode the past few times. Riding a group of 4 at this point. the front 2 miss a turn. Waiting for them to catch up I start talking to another rider. I ask which route we are riding. He informs me we are on the 42 mile course. UGH!!! I have no legs and I have 20+ miles left and my longest ride to date has been 28 miles. I trek along and finish the ride. I felt pretty good throughout the ride but I am pooped now. I might do the 42 again after a proper pre ride meal no beer no cigars and a good nights sleep.

CACycling 05-01-10 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by daffonce (Post 10750833)
I might do the 42 again after a proper pre ride meal no beer no cigars and a good nights sleep.

Why change a routine that works?

Kid-Cycle 05-01-10 11:47 PM

Sounds like you did pretty well on the longer ride! Sometimes it takes riding with other to push us a little. But I do agree, taking it easy the night before a hard ride is probably a good thing to do... not that I always practice what I preach!

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