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RhythmRider 05-03-10 03:53 PM

Clyde does 42mi in 5 Boro Bike Tour in NYC
I did it....registered....waited... trained a little! ...and then finally yesterday, I did it !!! Manhattan, Bronx and Queens went well. Brooklyn, well was a little more difficult. My legs started cramping around the 32 mile mark. So I rested; made it to the foot of the Verrazano Bridge where I rested again (because of cramping again). I struggled up to the crest of the bridge but I never walked my bike...I dropped it to the lowest gear and peddled furiously and steadily to the peak and coasted down the other side, made the turn into the park and crossed the finish line.

I have to admit, I got kind of misty eyed thinking about what just took place. I was a sedentary obese (I was going to say overweight because "obese" is such an ugly word that I would never use to describe myself,ha!) 50 year old...263lbs. Today I weighed in at 235lbs...just completed my first 42mi. organized bike ride. My family is proud. I still want to lose 35-40 more pounds, but this was big for me.

Aeneas 05-03-10 04:05 PM

Congrats! I too did the ride yesterday for the first time. My training regimen wasn't that great but I, like you, made it. I started WAY back near Trinity Church and it was a while until I got to the official start. I only stopped in Queens for water refills and at the last two rest stops, one in Brooklyn and one at the foot of the Verazzano, but at about 35 miles (before the Verazzano), I started getting overheated and dehydration was kicking in. Pulled off onto the sided, sat in the shade next to New York Harbor and cooled off. After a quick stop at the Cannonball, I was up and over the Verazzano without a problem, slow and steady, didn't even drop onto the smallest chainring.
The only causality of my clyde-itude, I popped a spoke on my rear wheel somewhere between the Cannonball Stop and festival.
At 320 lbs, I have a lot of weight I can lose, but I had fun on this ride and if I'm close enough to NYC to do it next year, I will, albeit hopefully a smaller me.
BTW, a link to my tour pics in the in 2010 5 Boro Bike Tour Registration thread in the Northeast regional forum (page 5 or 6 I think).

IndianaRecRider 05-04-10 04:42 AM

Way to go!!

I'm a 249 pound clyde working up to 30 miles for my Tour de Cure ride on the 30th.

Your story gives inspiration and hope!!


Kotts 05-04-10 05:44 AM

Way to go! It only gets better from here... If you'll take some advice from an ex-clyde:
  • Do more regular riding (better some every day than a long trip each weekend, but if you can do both that's great!)
  • Enter similar events through the course of the season.
  • Keep active over the winter months.
  • Focus more on how your clothes fit than the numbers on the scale.
  • Enter the same event next year.

I predict that you'll be stunned with the results.

RhythmRider 05-04-10 12:08 PM

Thanks! I plan on riding in the upcoming "Tour De Queens" as well as doing more riding locally. I will take your advice (how could I not? You're an ex-Clyde!!)... I want to be an ex clyde too!!!
I walk 2 miles everyday and cut back on my portions as well as eating healthier.

Thank you also Aeneas & IndianaRecRider for the encouragement. "Your story gives inspiration and hope!!" lol...who knew that I would be the source of inspiration and hope?!! But I am glad because I have received the same from this forum as well.

bbeck 05-04-10 01:50 PM


andrelam 05-04-10 02:08 PM

Congratulations. That is a serious ride. It also had to be extreamly cool to ride through all 5 boro's. I told my wife that I definitely want to do it next year. May this be but the 1st of many epic rides for you.

Happy riding,

jyossarian 05-04-10 02:22 PM

You rode to the SI ferry, right? Cuz that's where the ride officially ends and clocks in at 42 miles, not at the festival which is around 39 miles.

RhythmRider 05-04-10 06:32 PM

yeah, I rode to the ferry and when I reached Manhattan, I rode to 8th & W31st Street to my car.... so all in all I did about 50 miles!

Nooch 05-05-10 08:50 AM

I was out this week too! Down to 216 from 272 when I started riding back in August. It was my first ride over 30 miles, and first ride over 40 miles. I thought it safe with my pale skin and propensity for over heating to ride with a camelback with 3 NUUN tablets dissolved in, not a bit of dehydration and I didn't even kill half the bladder!

I definately feel accomplished, but I just want more! I want to get four hours in the saddle all the time, even as much as I love my 25 mile group rides with the LBS it was so nice just being out there for that long. Not to mention, riding all the car free streets was amazing.

Best part of the ride -- The breeze on the belt pkway/gowanis whatever it was... Felt like air conditioning, and quite possible the best feeling I've ever felt..

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