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acpeeps 05-04-10 01:01 PM

a good day indeed.....almost 80 miles
A little back story, My Mom died on Christmas Eve last year, and it's been a hard few months. all of Jan and Feb, all I did was eat and drink way to much. At the end of Feb. I was 299lbs. I was invited to do a winter ride with a group of friends, and decided to go. it was the hardest 20 miles I've done, I needed to do something. so the next day, I put the skinny's in the MNT bike and bought a Trainer. today I rode 78 miles, in just about 4.5 hours, 75 for my avg cadence and over 17mph as my avg speed....and this afternoon, with over 3L of fluids in me I'm 273lbs.......

All I can say is go out and ride, enjoy your family, and live your life the best you can, remember there is only one today.....

abqtj 05-04-10 01:15 PM

Sorry for your loss...and glad to hear of your great mileage

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