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Jaxxy 06-07-10 11:03 PM

rock n roll marathon
I just wanted to brag about an accomplishment, yesterday I road my handcycle 26.2 miles in the runrocknroll marathon

it took me 2 hours 40 minutes & 28 seconds, it was my first marathon & my longest ride yet, I loved it, I just had to share

I road with the Achilles freedom team of wounded vets. I am so glad I got hooked up with them

Clock Time 8:51:42
Chip Time 2:40:28
Overall Place 12 / 15
Gender Place 12 / 14
Age Grade 77.8%
Pace 6:08
Ttlrace 15
Ttldiv 0
Ttlsex 14
5 Km 15:44
10 Km 27:37
20 5 Mi 2:07:10

cohophysh 06-07-10 11:09 PM

Hey, you won't get flamed here....nice job on the marathon

Neil_B 06-08-10 06:25 AM

A great result and a great time. Nothing to flame, and everything to praise. Rock on!

BTW, if you ever get to Philly, there's an entire club of handcyclists that rides every Saturday in the park. Also, in August French Creek State Park is hosting an outdoor event for the handi-capable, with handcycle events, adaptive canoes, and others.

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