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grant23 06-08-10 07:31 AM

Anyone taking Metformin?
Been communting daily for three years, watched my eating pretty well, and lost a grand total of 6 pounds. My physician took a look at my labs and he diagnosed me as insulin resistant. Started taking Metformin June 1st and have lost 12 pounds so far.

This seems to be helping me some but I wanted to know if another clyde has tried Metformin and if it effected your riding efforts.

Thanks for the input.

CPFITNESS 06-08-10 09:08 AM

I've had a few female clients over the years suffer from PCOS which affects the reproductive system but is also a metabolic issue. They had taken both metformin and glucophage with mixed results. The biggest key I've seen with insulin resistance is the diet that docs recommend to everyday people of 4-5 meals a day is an absolute MUST for those with metabolic conditions. I would recommend consulting with a knowledgeable nutritionist about your condition.

mccornwall 06-08-10 10:06 AM

Metformin is the generic name for Glucophage
Mike Cornwall RPh

MzMillie 06-08-10 02:46 PM

Im supposed to take it, bc I have PCOS but I found that I actually gained weight on Met and not lost.. it essentially locked me into the weight I was at the time I took it. I also had horrible digestive issues with it that never went away. Our cadillac insurance ran out when my husbands company got bought out so fertility docs are not covered under the new insurance. Since we are at a stand still with that anyhow, I stopped taking it. I'm still only four pounds light after spending almost 6 months training for this triathlon but, *sigh* at least I know Im not the same size (clothes wise) anymore even if the scale still shows I weight the same.

DieselDan 06-08-10 08:27 PM

I had a nasty side effect with metformin and cycling: lactic acid. My own issues aren't the same as everyone else.

cohophysh 06-08-10 09:20 PM

Dieseldan....I had the same issue and quit taking also caused extreme fatigue

cyclist2000 06-09-10 11:46 AM

I have taken metformin for many years and have had no problems.

CPFITNESS 06-09-10 01:49 PM

so as you can see there is definately a mixed bag of results! There are numerous cyclists without metabolic issues that struggle to lose weight because they still flat out eat too much. With metabolic disorders its all about managing that blood sugar level which isn't always easy to do but when done great results can be had.

rjc100 06-09-10 01:52 PM

My friend takes Metformin, and it has caused a harder ability to loose weight and terrible increase in gas. (I never draft him anymore)

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