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Henry5 06-09-10 02:54 PM

Clearing My Head
I've been lurking around for a couple of years and have only made minor & safe contributions. I've mostly gleaned nuggets of information from you all. That said, just need to type.

Had my first crash last night.

I've been forced to ride at odd times because of work and family obligations. Often times it is after dark. I am well lit up (reflective vest, blinkies, etc...). About 9:30 last night around 3 miles from home out of the city limits I simply lost focus, rolled off the edge of the road and crashed. Tried to save it by pulling back onto the road, but couldn't. Fortunately I was not incapacitated and was able to get to a safe location, but I was hurting pretty bad. Road rash with some elbow and wrist pain. Just a bit scary and needed a forum to, I guess, journal about it.

Got my bike checked out and after some tweaking all is ok. Committed to getting back on the bike as soon as my schedule and body allows. A bit nervous. I'm just new to the whole crashing thing. Being that it was at night and a few miles from town is making me consider a route change.

Really not looking for anything here. The anonymous nature of forums is simply a good place to vent a bit I suppose. Thanks to all you folks who contribute for the general good.

Peter_C 06-09-10 03:08 PM

Hey~! it happens to all of us sooner or later :( Just wait til you get to join the zero MPH crash club :P

I ride the 'towpath' all the time, and for some dumb reason, I am constantly paranoid that I will ride right off the edge and drop into the muck on either side...

So bout a month ago, on a ride with wife and friends - we were stopping just to stop, and I stop, left foot on the ground, watch my wife go bout 15' and as she comes to a stop, I fall over to the right - off the path, drop bout 3-4' right into brambles! Lots of scratches, etc - no major damage.

Only real suggestions to share? Carry a cell phone, and think about the ID tag (or bracelet) that gives vital info bout you - just in case.

Am thinking of getting one of these myself - RoadID.Com

DoubleTap 06-09-10 03:41 PM

Yeah, it happens, don't let it get you down. On my first real cycling adventure last year, I decided I'd ride home from work one Friday evening. Because it was my first time doing it, I chose Friday because I had nowhere to be that evening. I left the office around 6 but misjudged the distance, so my last mile or so was in the dark without lights of any sort. I was on a gravel path, a mile from home, when I hit some dried mud ruts and went down hard. Scraped up my left knee and left hand badly, and my bike was out of commission. I had to walk my bike the last mile home.

It doesn't make me nervous-I just learned from my mistake and am better prepared now. I always wear my Road ID, always have a small flashlight with me for small repairs in the dark, and I do better route planning when attempting an unfamiliar route.

serra 06-09-10 03:51 PM

Ha, I fell once going around 5 mph, my wheel got stuck in the rut that runs along some intersections and yanked my wheel out from under me. My face came a bit close to the pavement. I didn't have my stem tight enough, so it was my fault. Thankfully the intersection was in a an abandoned neighborhood. I got scraped up a bit, an it took about 10 minutes to patch my bike up before I could get going again. I learned my lesson, and have since bought a road ID and wear it whenever I go out. I also bring a small first aid kit on short trips, and a larger one if I'm going out in the middle of nowhere. Don't let it shake you up to bad, things happen, the best you can do is be prepared.

Is your headlight bright enough? Maybe a brighter one would make you feel more comfortable.

Mr. Beanz 06-09-10 05:28 PM

I crashed about a month ago on the mt bike. Separated the should doing about 15 mph and a flip over the handlebars. Stupid mistake but we learn. On yesterday 's road ride up the mtn, I was nervous on the descent. 30-40 mph speeds. First two minutes or so were a little shakey. But once you relax and refrain from thinking too much, it's cool!:D

TrojanHorse 06-09-10 07:03 PM

There are two kinds of riders... those who HAVE crashed and those who are going to.

Glad to hear you weren't seriously hurt - my most splendid crash occurred in high school riding to school - I was flying down a hill in the bike lane (it was actually a separate bike lane, a small curb separated it from the roadway), sun coming up over the trees and I didn't see the ditch in the road. head over teakettle, bent frame & fork, ruined wheel and I was knocked out.

Of course, there are a small collection of "can't unclip" wipeouts too, including one where I tipped over sideways into a 6 foot ditch along side the road.

Take it easy on your next ride, you'll be fine. ;)

nymtber 06-09-10 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by Peter_C (Post 10937566)

Am thinking of getting one of these myself - RoadID.Com

If you ride at night, I would DEFINITELY get one of those RoadID bracelets/anklets...Then at the least someone could call your contact person if something was to happen.

Glad your OK, and your bike is OK, too. Just take it easy next time, and don't let your mind drift. You weren't listening to music...were you?

Henry5 06-10-10 07:47 AM

No music. I have on occasion done so but have stopped. I was getting ready to make an "assault" up the last hill on my ride. Really have no idea why or how I got myself into the position I did...just did. Wierd deal I guess.

Gonna hopefully get back on the horse today. I like the ID idea. I'll be getting one.

nymtber 06-10-10 08:11 AM

Yea, I have on a few limited occasions found my tires going off the pavement into the gravel shoulder. Not often but its like my body over corrects swerving around something.

The important thing is that you are OK, you just gotta look past it and ride :) Stay safe, and if you had a helmet on for the crash, and it took a blow, TOSS IT OUT! Once they receive an impact, its time for a new one...I forgot to mention that earlier.

thump55 06-10-10 12:12 PM

Let me get this straight: you crashed, the bike's OK, you're OK, and no one saw you do it?

As far as crashes go, that's the hat trick. If you're going to crash, that's the way to do it.

dcrowell 06-10-10 12:29 PM

I've had two crashes. Both minor, road rash, cosmetic bike damage. Both were due to my inattention. I'd rather have that than get hit by a car. :)

serra 06-10-10 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by thump55 (Post 10942714)
Let me get this straight: you crashed, the bike's OK, you're OK, and no one saw you do it?

As far as crashes go, that's the hat trick. If you're going to crash, that's the way to do it.

Haha, if only they were all like that. I only met the "no one saw you do it". Oh haha, I just remembered another "crash". I was going down the hill on campus back to the dorms, looked to the side for one second, and hit a 3 foot tall traffic cone. It got stuck between my wheels and I just skidded for around 20 feet. Didn't actually crash, but I had to get off and pull the cone out. It was a bit embarrassing.

MIH-Dave 06-10-10 02:20 PM

Because of this thread I've decided to get a RoadID band. I've never heard of them until now. Thanks!

cyclist2000 06-10-10 02:41 PM

Get back on as soon as possible.

Peter_C 06-10-10 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by MIH-Dave (Post 10943502)
Because of this thread I've decided to get a RoadID band. I've never heard of them until now. Thanks!

Glad to help~! I see it like dog tags for my dogs - a free phone call home when they can't give out the number :)

Henry5 06-10-10 10:21 PM

I got back on the horse and rode the same route tonight. All went well. Also ordered the ID today. Appreciate the comments and humor.

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