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magohn 06-12-10 08:33 PM

Flying Wheels - 45 miles and hilly - :) - THANKS!
Just got back form my first organized ride. We did 45 miles (Seattle - Flying Wheels) with three good sized hills and climbed just short of 1800ft. Our average was just short of 11mph - not earth shattering but it was 80 degrees and we forced ourselves to take many, many hydration breaks. The result was that we finished strong and felt pretty good -though a little slower than usual.

Last week, I bonked on the major hill on the ride as I tested it out. This week, thanks to you guys, I had the right gear and LOTS of water (carried 4 bottles) - totally different experience, yes the hills were hard but not impossible with a couple of "catch my breath" stops.

So thanks guys - your hydration info proved invaluable... :)

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