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bbeck 06-14-10 08:11 AM

I tried for a metric but the heat said no!
I left out around 7:00 AM Saturday with expectations of putting some miles on the bike after adding knee savers last week. I have been noticing now that i can ride further distances that im having a lot of sooarness in my left knee. after talking to the LBS we decided that knee savers would help to align my knee's to the pedals.

I felt great when I left out Saturday morning. I climbed the ridge and on the country sides of Sumner County. I did not push my self hard because we were already around 80 degrees with high humidity at daybreak. the first 25 miles were not bad I made a few pit stops when needed. but by the time i hit mile 30 the heat index was at 100 degrees. I found myself having to stop more frequently to catch my breath and just wasnt enjoying myself. at one of my rest stops my wife called and had left work early. I called in the calvary at mile 38. I was still 20 miles from home and she was worried about me so I asked her to come get me. I still felt strong enough to make the last 20 miles but my breathing was labored and finding it harder to catch my breath. needless to say I enjoyed the ride home in the air conditioning.

oh and the knee savers were great. my right knee feels great. my left is a little sore but i had a cleat screw loosen up on me and and allow the cleat to position it self in a manner that created pain. all in all im satisfied and will continue tweaking things until we get the fit closer to right.

not having any fun.

this little guy came out to visit while I was resting.

rdtompki 06-14-10 08:23 AM

No shame is bailing in those temperatures! That heat/humidity could get to anyone and big folks are not thermally "efficient". My wife and I tried a 70 mile ride on our tandem last spring on about the hottest day on record for that time of the year (over 100 degrees). Mid-ride couldn't get up a 3 percent grade. Finally, hit a patch of new blacktop which must have brought the temps up to 130 and that was all she wrote. Limped a few miles into town, found an air conditioned frozen yogurt shop and I took a cab back to the start to get the car. Be careful out there in those conditions.

ochizon 06-14-10 08:25 AM

oh, wow was it hot yesterday!!! I went out with a couple of buddies around 8:30, and it was already 95 degrees. By midday, my cyclocomputer was showing a range of 105-110 degrees in direct sunlight. The breeze was like when you open an oven. When we would stop at a light, I would get a cold sweat from the heat. Today, I am burnt to hell!

I will do it again next sunday! lol

Miami, FL here, btw.

Neil_B 06-14-10 08:43 AM

It was hot up here in PA this weekend too. Our BF trail ride Saturday left some riders ill from the temps. And Sunday a lot of riders I spoke to on the French Creek Iron Tour bailed on their planned century routes because of the combination of heat and hills. Most switched to the 50 mile route. I know of only one SAG from my rest stop, this poor fellow:

gapwedge 06-16-10 08:36 AM

I entered the Tour de Rock in North Little Rock to support CARTI Saturday. I had planned on the 62, but quickly decided 50 was all I wanted. By the start time (7AM) temps were already mid 80's with humidity that you could slice with a knife. The first aid station at mile 17 did not have any food just pickle juice and Heed drink. So I took out one of my gu's and swallowed some Heed. To make the ride more unbareable there was a steady 15-20 mph head wind for the first 30 miles. Thus my pace suffered and I dropped back from the paceline I was in. I made it to the 2nd aid station at mile 30 and finally got to eat something- some orange slices, peanut butter sandwiches, etc. I felt ok leaving the station and it helped with a tail wind as my pace quickened. By this time the sun was beating down and the heat index had to be approaching 100. Then at mile 36 I hit the wall. The lightheaded feeling that you are about to passout. So, I dismounted, drank, and tried to rest. My HR was ok as I had a HRM with me but I was zapped. I had been on a <2000 calorie plan for a few weeks and did not eat a big breakfast and it cost me. I did not have it to even limp the next 15 miles. So, I took my first ride in a SAG wagon. However, on the way we picked up 2 more riders. The heat and humidity was dropping riders like flies. I am still learning how to properly fuel for such rides so at least I am alive to ride another day.

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