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ttibby 06-14-10 06:14 PM

My Island ride (with Vid)
Well, I think that I might have should have waited for the island ride. My cough and headache turned into full blown bronchitis and massive sinusitis. On my 10th day now and am just starting to feel better. Of course I waited too long to get to the Dr, but am on meds now so should clear up before the weekend! Haven't benn on the bike for 7 days and the medivine is making me ravenous! I never crave sweets, but now all I want is a crunchy bar. Oh well, there is a flavored ice concoction here called ice guy that is carb and sugar free so that is holding me up.
But the good news is that I was able to get some editing done on the island tour that I did with my buddy Curtis. Have a look if you have the time. This is part one, the second part will be done soon!



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