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Missbumble 06-14-10 07:31 PM

2010 Clydesdales/ Athenas Biggest Loser Week 24 6/14 - 6/20
2010 Clydesdales/ Athenas Biggest Loser Week 24 6/14 - 6/20
Let's Roll!!!
Please join us as we all work toward our goals to be healthier and fitter!

How Does this Work? On Mondays:
Post your starting weight for the week
Post Goals for the week
Report in on the prior week
Thorughout week come on back and let us know how you are doing. The good, not so good and the awesome.
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Missbumble 06-14-10 07:40 PM

Update: though on paper my numbers look bad this week - i did much better over the weekend. So I am hoping I can continue to do better and slide on down the scale. it's all about what is in my head - I mean noone ver made me eat anything!

Goals for the week -Less soda, More water!

Salads at Lunch

Hit La Fitness or run 3 miles every other day

Bike on Fri & Sat

Sun Bootcamp Workout

Food: Stay away from Cheese in Concierge Lounge!

Subway for dinner each night I do not have a commitment.

2008 - April 21 a month and a half before I started with new bike and new food plan: 226.5

2009- 5/4 1 year of biking and new food plan: 173.5

2010 Start:185.5 (I gained but not that much and am pretty happy with weight, but would like to lose it and weigh about 151ish...size 8 oh and have a spectacular life partner, hubby, man......and a pony.
Week2 Start: 183.5(-2YTD)
Week 3: 184 (-1.5YTD)
Week 4 182.5 (-3YTD) Ran 8.25 miles on Saturday - WOW!!!!
Week 5: 181.5
Week 6:180 Really? So (-5.5 YTD) YAY ME!
Week 7 180.5 (-5 YTD) Valentines Day.......
Week 8 ??
Week 9 178
Week11: 183
Week 12: ??
Week 13: 183.5 YIKES TIME TO GET MOVIN!!
Week 14: 184
Week 15: 186 - WRONG Direction!!
Week 16: 184
Week 17: 183.5
Week 18: 186
Week 19: 189 (reporting in a week later)
Week 20: 186
Week 21: 185
Week 22: 184.5
Week 23:186.5
Week 24: 186.5

OK on the right track again. Grateful to be working with a food plan again. Went to Subway tonight - will continue to do so on the road...

lokerola 06-15-10 01:50 AM

Week 1: 204.1
Week 2: 202.1 - Yeah!!! 2 lbs down!

Goals this week:
Stay on diet track. Monday was a bad eating day. I was hungry and instead of eating a bit more calories of only good food, I ate more good food and 3 chocolate chip cookies and 1 oreo cookie. Not on plan, that's for sure.
Continue to focus on progress, not perfection. But on the other hand, what the lazy call obsessed the strong call dedicated (or something like that).
Do all my workouts, even if they're not 100% effort. It's more important to complete my commitments than it is to do them perfectly.
Plan my FTP test using the power tap next Tuesday.
Do the B level group ride Thursday and don't freak out when I get dropped on the hills again
Lose 2lbs.

youcoming 06-15-10 05:32 AM

Have not been on in awhile, so here is a quick update. My weight has kinda stayed right were it has been ,bouncing between 195 and 200. I still have a goal of 180-190 by end of summer so still have work to do. Later

wxduff 06-15-10 07:08 AM

I said I was going to join in, so here's my first official weight. I weighed myself last night but didn't see the thread until today.

Week One: 215.5

Today is my day to drive in to work, to give my sit bones a break and to get to corporate softball on time. I'm doing pretty good so far considering I was over 220 a week ago. I'm enjoying this a ton so far, I'll miss the bike today.

scotlandtb 06-15-10 08:19 AM

ok update for the last week. Still no Cycling but diet seems to be working

Week 23 - 244 lbs
week 24 - 239 lbs

A loss of 5lbs in the week and me back at my all time losest I believe (apart from when I was on the way up *LOL*)

Goal this week is to try ride at least once and to keep on the diet. That plus a loss of 2lbs would be sweet

JoeMetal 06-15-10 10:52 AM

Week 21: 266.4
Week 22: 263.2
Week 23: 261.4
Week 24: 259.6

I rock. :D

BigPolishJimmy 06-15-10 11:09 AM

Making good progress back to where I was before vacation, goals this week are to eat better and exercise more. I'm adding more lifting into the routine and riding the exercise bike again since there's been so much rain and busy stuff going on. I need to remember to buy some rice cakes for commute snacks, I've been getting over-hungry and eating bigger and later dinners, both of which are no good for me.

Week 2 - 295 lbs (start)
Week 3 - 291.5 lbs
Week 4 - 284.4 lbs
Week 5 - 282.5 lbs
Week 6 - 280.2 lbs
Week 7 - 281.3 lbs
Week 8 - 282.0 lbs
Week 9 - 280.0 lbs
Week 10 - 278 lbs
Week 11 - 279.5 lbs
Week 12 - 274.3 lbs
Week 13 - 272.7 lbs
Week 14 - 271.8 lbs
Week 15 - 272.5 lbs
Week 16 - 267.9 lbs
Week 17 - 269.8 lbs
Week 18 - 269.4 lbs
Week 19 - 271.2 lbs
Week 20 - 270.5 lbs
Week 21 - 268.1 lbs
Week 22 - 274.5 lbs
Week 23 - 271.5 lbs
Week 24 - 269.5 lbs

jeneralist 06-16-10 05:03 AM

Was on vacation last week. Good news: was able to rent a bike and ride a bit most days. Bad news: that probably didn't make up for exploring the wonderful restaurants on Key West. (If you're ever there, go to a place called "Azur"!)

Anyway: 199.8

lokerola 06-16-10 06:35 AM

Under 200 - way to go!!


Originally Posted by jeneralist (Post 10969911)
Was on vacation last week. Good news: was able to rent a bike and ride a bit most days. Bad news: that probably didn't make up for exploring the wonderful restaurants on Key West. (If you're ever there, go to a place called "Azur"!)

Anyway: 199.8

adanthang 06-17-10 11:08 AM

I'm starting this week too. My weight Monday was 241.5 lbs.

My goals this week are to eat better foods and to ease back into a regular workout routine.

wxduff 06-21-10 08:09 PM

When will this week's be posted???

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