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episodic 07-23-10 03:52 PM

Story of trying to go cheap - and a question about a 2nd bike
My son wanted a bike - he is not a clydesdale. He wanted something like a cruiser just to jaunt around on. He weighs like 130 and we thought a single speed at a local big box would work fine.

He rode it about 60 miles and a piece of the rear sprocket cracked off - threw a chain - and with coaster brakes almost made him ditch the bike. He was fine thank goodness. So we returned it thought it was a fluke. Upgraded to what 'looked' like a decent hybrid for about $150. Nothing was adjusted right. After an hour of getting his brakes right, his derailler functioning, and everything tightened and adjusted - thought he had a decent bike.

So he took it out for a spin and both pedals fell off and the formerly threaded cranks were nothing but flat covered with 'metal dust' from where the threads were. Sigh.

So we took that back too - thank goodness got the money back.

Sooooo. . . I've decided to give him my fuji crosstown I just got. He deserves a decent bike. I was already looking for something easier on my hands anyway.

I found this -

The 'weight limit' is 300 lbs - of course all bikes say that pretty much. This looks intriguing as a pedal forward - not a true recumbent I know. I've found a 'few' reviews online - but nothing from a clydes perspective. I'm 6 ft tall if that makes a difference and about 320 lbs now.

How are sun bikes? I'm going to have to buy it sight unseen unfortuantly.

The other I'm looking at is this one:

It says women's in the URL - but the male version is on the same page.

Which would you get? Which do you think would hold up for a clydes better?

I have no experience with SUN at all.

I did notice the SUN frame was steel - that is good for a clydes - right?

DieselDan 07-23-10 04:29 PM

I've got several hundred Sun beach cruisers at work that are in great shape.

From what my Sun rep tells me, keep to the weight limits on the recumbents.

episodic 07-23-10 04:55 PM

What about this one then - not quit as bent - just pedal forward. Thoughts? Durability is what I'm looking for as well as a decent ride.

How about this one vs the saratoga? The reason I'm looking at these two is that they are what my LBS deals in. I can't get a townie w/o a several hundred mile drive.

The drifter does not have front shocks - which I LIKE - being a clyde - the shocks just bottom out anyway.

However the saratoga only has them on the front - so if most of my weight is in the rear because of the crank forward - it may not make a difference too much.

I'm open just looking for the general hold up on these things doing 10-12 miles a day.

BigPolishJimmy 07-23-10 05:41 PM

I'm not familiar with this model, but I have a Sun EZ-1 recumbent and it seems to be a robust machine. It's heavy 45-lbs =- and has decent components on it, not the best stuff around and not fancy to be sure, but reliable and strong.

episodic 07-23-10 07:25 PM

I have to do something - just got back from a 10 mile ride - torture on my front middle and arms. . . . sigh

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