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dcrowell 07-23-10 08:48 PM

Unexpected N+1
I have two serviceable bikes. Both are a bit heavy, and built for touring. My LHT was bought in January, and despite some recent pain issues, I love the bike. My Baccetta Agio is a wonderfully comfortable long-wheelbase recumbent. Neither bike is terribly fast, but fast isn't really my style.

I had record miles for June, and July was starting off that way too. Most of those miles were on the LHT, and some hand/wrist issues were probably aggravated by the riding.

The last week and a half, what little riding I have done was on the recumbent, but I was losing my drive.

I came home from work today and there was a big box on my front porch. My lovely wife, despite being on the other side of the continent right now, had a new bike shipped to me. :love:

This isn't a bike I asked for, or really even thought about. However it will be very useful soon.

She got me a folding bike. It's a Dahon Speed D7.

I have a business trip to Washington DC next month, and she wants me to be able to ride while I'm there. I've been there twice this year. The first time I drove, and took my (now dead) hybrid bike with me. The second trip, I flew and was bikeless. Next time, I'll have a bike.

Now I just need to pack it and toss it in with checked luggage, and hope they don't charge me "oversize" luggage fees. :notamused:

jeneralist 07-23-10 08:54 PM

Congrats! Enjoy it!

adrien 07-25-10 07:43 PM

Sweet. PM me if you'd like suggestions -- lots of good riding here.

</intolerance> 07-26-10 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by dcrowell (Post 11166013)

Now I just need to pack it and toss it in with checked luggage, and hope they don't charge me "oversize" luggage fees. :notamused:

I've taken my friends Bike Friday on a few trips recently. I'd get a hard Samsonite piece of luggage to put it in and if they ask, just tell them it is fitness equipment.

I was never asked about mine. I suspect because it was in a regular piece of luggage. Watch the weight, though.

neilfein 07-26-10 02:01 PM

Welcome to the dark side! Folding bikes are particularly susceptible to rabbit-like reproduction. Before you know it, you'll be ordering a custom Bike Friday. :innocent:

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