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katiecakes 07-25-10 02:51 PM

Shogun for a clydesdale
Hey hey,
I used to bike everyday (5 to 7 miles, commuting) until I bunged up my knee about 5 years ago and couldn't ride for about 6 months. Never got back in the saddle, don't know why. Now I miss it and I want to get back into it. I am shopping around for a nice entry level/mid level road bike, steel frame, that will hold my now-Clydesdale-self. I top out the scale at about 260 lbs, 5'8", and I think I found a bike.

I was wondering if anyone knows if I will break this bike by sitting on it. Also, I know a little bit about shoguns and I feel like he is asking a little too much for this, but I haven't been into bike stuff for awhile. He doesn't know what year it is, but I am guessing mid-80's.

Anyways, if anyone has any advice on this bike, or suggestions of other bikes to be on the lookout for, it would be most appreciated.

Daspydyr 07-25-10 04:05 PM

Its a totally new name to me. It looks really sharp. I bet it will handle 260. The magic of CL is that it is always changing.

socalrider 07-25-10 04:11 PM

Those old shoguns were similar to lower end univegas back in the day. It will handle you just fine, but the price is way too high for that bike.. I think 150.00 tops is more in line.. are you sure you need a 54cm frame?

what is your height and inseam??

katiecakes 07-25-10 08:22 PM

are you sure you need a 54cm frame?

what is your height and inseam??

socialrider: Fairly certain. I am 5'7" in stocking feet, and when i used to ride, I had a 21 in. I haven't checked my inseam in years, so I am not sure if this bike will work for the standover height. It might be a little tall...

Thanx for the info, guys!

stevel610 07-29-10 07:48 PM

The bike will handle you fine. I ride a set of wheels from a Shogun 600 (27" x 1" Araya rims) which work well. I run 1 1/4" tires on them and have had no problem. I bought the bike, which was the next level higher then the 400 for $100, but that was last winter and the guy wasn't selling any bikes. If the frame is in good condition it is about the equivalent of a cross check which would cost you more than $400 for the frame alone.

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