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episodic 07-27-10 09:13 PM

My longest continuous ride yet!
Some of you may have seen me complaining about my seat - and how awful it felt. I have a FUJI crosstown 4.0 hybrid - and that seat is one that is slightly wider with springs. It had a spring seatpost, too. I had them get rid of the seat post on day one - because at my weight it just bottomed out. I toughed it out the last two weeks with it - and finally went back in and asked to try some others. He had some demo seats - and I'm really not even sure what the name of it is - but he put a much narrower less padded seat on the bike and I just got back from a 14 mile ride! I know that is 'nothing' to lots of people - but 3 weeks ago - I barely could do 5. I think I could have went farther than the 14 - but I ran out of water and was REALLY thirsty. It is 90 degrees here even at night. None of my usual soreness.

For anyone else out there I'm 320 lbs and falling - and yep I said it a much narrower non springed seat works better for me!

Wylde06 07-27-10 09:14 PM


Before you know it..14 miles with be "nothing" to you. Keep at it.

10 Wheels 07-27-10 09:20 PM

Good to hear.

I have been carrying 4 bottles in the heat.

mthayer 07-27-10 09:21 PM

Congratulations on the mile stone. Getting the right saddle makes all the difference as you can tell.

CraigB 07-28-10 07:46 AM

What a relief to know you've found a saddle you think you can live with. And I'm sure it's even more of a relief to you. ;)

And congrats on the epic ride. Keep at it. Bump it up a little each week. Don't necessarily go for more distance each ride if you don't feel it's a good idea. A weekly increase works just fine for most folks who aren't in a hurry to build mileage for a specific future event. If you can find little variations in your route that allow you to add 10% at a time, explore them each week. You'll be at your first quarter-century mark before you know it.

Seattle Forrest 07-28-10 09:32 AM

With people buying titanium frames and carbon forks, it's amazing how much difference something as simple and un-sexy as a seat can make.

Now if you keep hanging out around here, people will have you doing century rides by next summer.

msujack 07-29-10 03:37 PM

Honestly, the less padded seats are generally more comfortable for any distance riding outside of a short few block ride. I went through a few seats as well to find the right one. Awesome on the distance! Keep it up and you will be rockin' 20+ in no time. Good for you to think about the hydration, cyclists need it in the heat!

sideburns85 07-29-10 04:16 PM

Yeh I'm about 6'1 @ 300 lbs. I've been riding for months but nothing very far, I couldn't put my finger on what I needed to get over and into that next tier of distance. I realized that I've been doing it solo. So being 5 miles was my peak I went out yesterday with a friend and his dad who ride a lot. WENT 19 MILES, I didn't die either, his dad is an experienced rider and I learned a lot. Today solo I went right under 9 miles and tomorrow were all going again and I hope to break 20. I was 360 lbs when I started riding about this time last year. I basically think I've broken down a wall this week into a new, longer and great rides. I can't wait for the rest of this weight to start falling off. Luckily I haven't had a problem with the diet part, I like wheat bread and love water. I gained my weight from working in an office for 4 years @ 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week. Anything you eat in that situation will pack on weight, I want to be back to 200 lbs like I was @ age 20, I'm 25 now and addicted to riding in a new way as of this week.

episodic 07-29-10 05:45 PM

I'm trying to drop to 250 at least. Just put the 200th mile on my bike in 3 weeks. Woo hoo!

Smoked 07-29-10 05:47 PM

Keep it up brother.. I remember when I broke 10 miles and the smile on my face... Keep going... before to long 30 miles will be just a warm up...

big_al 07-29-10 08:13 PM

Definetly keep it up I have been back on the saddle for eight weeks and I am riding seven day a week and I average 12 miles when I have to go to work and on the weekends 15 and I know I could go further, at the beginning by mile 5 I was done....I am right at 289 pounds from 297 hoping to see 199.9 sometime in the future...can you post a pict of your seat?

Smoked 07-29-10 09:19 PM
this is what I use... its a selle anatomica (sp?) I freakin love it... I did an 84 mile charity ride, I hurt all over by the time it was done, but butt soreness was non existent...

episodic 07-29-10 09:27 PM

ATM the bike store has it back. It was one of their 'demo' seats in yellow and black that are not retail. We were trying to narrow down what the problem was. He put the springy comfort seat back on for the moment. I hate it.

What is going on now - is my 16 year old has been riding with me. When we started 3 weeks ago, he had a big box bike that he kicked around on occasionally that had spent alot of time in the shed. When he started following me around for 10 - 12 miles - that bike became intolerable. He is my height exactly 6 foot (just skinny). I took one seat on his bike and I apologized to him lol. He is getting my fuji - which he loves. He thinks the 'comfort' seat is heaven - but then again he weighs 150 lbs soaking wet. I went back to the bike store and plunked a few hundred more down for a Marin Kentfield.

Here is what should be here next week:

You'll note the absence of anything that says 'comfort' . . . I'm hoping the marin saddle and I will get along - if not I'm seriously thinking a Brooks B17. . .if only money were no object. I just plunked out 100 for lights, blinkies, helmets, and mirrors so we could be a little safer in the evenings.

NH Girl 07-30-10 05:49 AM

Congrats on your distance and weight loss. Looking forward to your post of you hitting the big 20 mile ride :)

episodic 07-30-10 11:38 AM

How much was that selle out of curiosity?

Smoked 07-30-10 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by episodic (Post 11201870)
How much was that selle out of curiosity?

I bought it "semi" used.... I payed 120 out of pocket (including the LBS fitting it and me)... I just did my 30 mile weekly ride without a hint of sore butt.... This thing is nice, on the heavy side, but nice...

Retail I think they are in the 160 range..

RU55EL 07-30-10 01:03 PM

My current saddle is one that I got years ago. I wanted a better saddle and tried one that looked comforable on a long ride and got nerve compression. In other words, the part of the male anatomy that is used for reproduction was totally and completely numb for about a week. (I spent that week without any cycling.) That can scare the heck out of you! So, I clearly needed a different saddle. As I tried some at the local bike shop I came upon one that was narrower, but fit me better and supported my weight on my pelvis bone properly. I've had great results since.

It is funny that a narrow saddle can work so much better.

sideburns85 07-30-10 01:51 PM

This week as I've mentioned in a previous post has been unreal for me in the world of cycling. I'm right under 300lbs about 6'1, so I think I might qualify for a Clyde, ;). Anyways today was something huge I went from my city to the next city over via farm roads. I didn't have a computer but I feel the ride was around 20 miles, I'm probably under on this. I'm gonna drive it to double check later. Anyways today stripped me down physically and mentally on probably one of the hardest challenges I've ever completed. I was athletic growing up slender. Only the last 4-5 years did I go from 200 to 300. Anyways If you want to read about it in detailed form I put the entire story up on my website, thought if anyone else in my situation ever got anything out of it even the motivation to step out the story it would be good thing., all I can say is this forum for Clydes is a lifesaver, I don't talk much in it but I watch it like a hawk, good to know I'm not alone.

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