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Ewanick 07-28-10 12:30 AM

CardioTrainer - Cell Phone Users with Android Market Access
If you have a cellular phone that is connected to the Android market, do take a look at this free application. It calculates your distance, average and maximum speed, elevation gain, time of start to finish, pace (settings option) and calories burned for the entire trip all via gps, though you will have to have a data plan or it is going to cost you for the data usage. I hope you all enjoy!

socalrider 07-28-10 04:58 AM

I use it for riding and running.. Works great.. I like the audio cues every mile so I know what my pace is without looking at the phone..

Another great android app is: Calorie Counter

Has lots of good info and the scan barcode feature works great.. Has food items from most chain restaurants.. Easy to input custom info and database is very complete and easy to use.. + is it free..

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