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ScottBGKY 07-30-10 08:56 AM

Starting to drop the pounds
I was a 270 lb slob a few years ago. Got down to 214 but gained back to 248. Bought a Trek 7.2 and quickly sold it and upgraded to a Trek 1.1. It was traded soon afterwards for a Trek 2.1 which is my current bike. On July 13th I weighed in at 248. Started using LoseIt on my iPhone to track calories and made a goal to ride every day. I've only missed 1 day since that time. Weighed in this morning at 237. 11 pounds gone! My goal is 195 which for my 6'1" frame and build will be perfect. Only 42 lbs to go.

CraigB 07-30-10 09:07 AM

That's fantastic, Scott! Way to go! I started my current weight-loss regimen at just a hair under 271 back in April and I'm at 234 now (clothed and shod). Unfortunately I have further to go than you since I'm about 3.5 inches shorter. My goal is 170. But hey! We'll get there!

Actually I like to think of this as a much longer-term project, starting at my all-time high of 304 about 5 or 6 years ago. That sounds more impressive. ;)

Anyway, congrats on the weight loss success and on being able to get out and ride with that degree of frequency. Great work, man.

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