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CraigB 07-31-10 02:39 PM

Morning ride on the Monon
I took a short ride on the Monon Trail here on the north side of Indy this morning. It was overcast, but still nice enough I thought I'd take my camera and try for a few pics. The Monon is a former rail line that runs from the Carmel/Westfield area north of town to just north of downtown where it terminates at 10th Street. I took it from 96th near my home to the Broad Ripple area, turning around at about 62nd, for a round trip of about 10 miles. I should have stopped mid-trail for some shots but I was riding well and feeling good, plus there was the usual Saturday AM crowd, and I didn't want to be an impediment to traffic. So most all of these were taken in the Broad Ripple area...

This is the old canal just north of Broad Ripple Avenue. I'm on the trail, looking west:

This is actually off the Monon, on a little side path that runs along the canal:

The sign on this building on the north side of the canal tells you a lot about the Broad Ripple neighborhood "atmosphere:"

This is a townhouse development right next to the trail, immediately south of the Indianapolis Arts Center:

One of the installations on the Arts Center grounds:

The Arts Center is right on the shore of the White River, and this shot is taken from there, looking at the Monon Trail bridge over the river:

The trail has these signposts at most of the trail heads, and at major entry/exit points along the way. This one was at the Arts Center access point:

Back on the trail at the Arts Center, beginning the ride home:

And finally I couldn't resist stopping on the White River bridge for a couple of shots. There was an atypical lull in the traffic:

All in all, a nice short ride before the rain hit.

breadbin 07-31-10 03:28 PM

nice:) looks like a great ride!

funrover 07-31-10 05:33 PM

Looks like a fun ride!

irclean 07-31-10 07:16 PM

Very nice! We need some trails like that around here!

TrekJapan 07-31-10 07:29 PM

Will have to check that out next time I'm in Indiana. I'm from Evansville and I have family that lives near Indy in Anderson. Might have to throw a folding bike in the trunk and go check it out.


CraigB 07-31-10 08:47 PM

If you do, be forewarned that it can get a little dicey in the section from 38th St to the 10th St terminus. It goes through some questionable neighborhoods in those areas, and it seems there's a report of an assault or a robbery every few months. I've only done that part of the trail once. Every other time I turn around at the south edge of the state fairgrounds at 38th St, though the last reported robbery was actually north of that, in the southern reaches of the Broad Ripple area.

Neil_B 08-01-10 05:38 AM

Thanks for the photos. It looks like a very nice ride.

Speedball 08-01-10 05:44 AM

Nice Photos!

I'm from the south side and a retired neighbor and myself park downtown or maybe at Massachusetts Ave. then ride north to Broad Ripple or farther.

When in Broad Ripple don't forget to check out the top notch Rene's Bakery just a couple blocks west of the Monon.

CraigB 08-01-10 07:55 AM

Thanks for that tip, Speedball. I'll look for it. This morning I road north into the Carmel/Westfield area and it was all I could do not to stop at Bub's in Carmel for breakfast. If you're ever up that way, check it out - it's definitely worth it. It's not Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream on Main St, but their cafe a couple of blocks south of that. Both are right on the trail, and they're both great.

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