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sinclac 08-01-10 09:14 AM

Mr. Beanz Step in here a Sec Please
I watch your vid, which are nice, but camera do you use to make them?


Mr. Beanz 08-01-10 09:35 AM

I use a FLip Ultra recorder. About $150 now (inflation:mad:).

Pretty easy to use. PLug the cam into the ports and the edit program opens automatically. Edit and create videos. Music must be converted into mp3 files so I use a free ripping program to convert my cd collection into mp3, then apply to video.

THe FLip specific battery pack is $24. It charges while plugged into the computer. But he recorder also uses standard AA batteries, so a bit flxible in that area (carry as spares).

I've seen videos created on FLip High Def recorders. About $30 more but I really don't see a difference. The Ultra model I use looks as good IMO.

The recorder does not have an anti shock device/system so they do come out a bit shakey. That aspect could be a bit better but the ez operation of the recorder equalizes that a bit. Just point and shoot.:D

It's possible to extract a still shot from the video too. I've been doing it but I think the digital cam pics are nicer. Last couple of videos, I took the pics with the digital camera then inserted them into the video, which is nice. Makes for better still shots and video inserts.

The still shot function of the recorder is sort of cool cause it alows yo to choose a still, ten shots/frrames per second. So you can pic the exact moment in the pic. Frame by frme, eyes closing, balls flying, wheel spinning, etc, sort of cool.:D

I do think the digi cam stills are beter though. But it's a pain in the rear carrying 2 cameras all the time.

Flip still

Digital Camera Canon powershot A1100 IS

Flip Ultra...I've got a backup Flip. Someone posted that since it's my backup, it should be called the "Backflip"!:p

Daspydyr 08-01-10 09:36 AM

I propose we change his name to St. Beanz, he is our guide! <That is probably more serious than we think!>

sinclac 08-01-10 10:12 AM

How long does the battery last per charge?

Homeyba 08-01-10 12:46 PM

The wife just got me a GoPro Hero camera. She got it for me to record some of my mtn bike rides but maybe I'll post some descending videos? Wouldn't want to step on Beanz territory going up hill. ;)

Mr. Beanz 08-02-10 02:18 AM


Originally Posted by sinclac (Post 11210618)
How long does the battery last per charge?

The Ultra records up to 2 hours of video. The others record less. HD, maybe 1.5 and the thinner models, maybe an hour. I read the boxes but don't remember zactly.

Hmm, I've never had the battery die on me (FLip battery). My rides are 2.5 hours and I shoot clips fairly ofter. Someitmes 70 clips, usually 50 on a ride ranging anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. So I can't really say how long it will last cause it charges when I plug it in to edit/create videos.

Mr. Beanz 08-02-10 02:19 AM


Originally Posted by Homeyba (Post 11211251)
Wouldn't want to step on Beanz territory going up hill. ;)

You can have it! I'm getting too old for this climbing with one hand stuff!:D

sinclac 08-02-10 07:22 AM

Thank you, for the info.

Mr.Ploppy 08-02-10 07:47 AM

Flip Ultra refurbs go for approx $80

Amazon has em for $109

I might consider it myself.

abqtj 08-02-10 08:03 AM

Another good camera in the same class is the Creative VadoHD. I bought one about 2 years ago when they first came out and it's been fantastic.

Homeyba 08-02-10 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. Beanz (Post 11214526)
You can have it! I'm getting too old for this climbing with one hand stuff!:D

Don't you have a handle bar or helmet mount for that thing?

Mr. Beanz 08-02-10 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Homeyba (Post 11217500)
Don't you have a handle bar or helmet mount for that thing?

One of these: I use it on the descent only. I use freehand on the climbs cause I can pan where I like. If it's on the helmet, the cam just about turns sidelways while looking/panning to the side. Much better footage freehand, no mount. mount is fixed.

I have done descents free hand but too risky at high speeds, lesson learned on MTB crash couple months back!:D dude got ripped off! I copied the link from another poster. I payed $10, free shipping from China but I don't member the site.:mad: It was one of the online ebay stores.

Mounts on helmet or strap sto the HB's. FLip recorder is high profile and rectangular so there is lots of vibration on fast and/or rough roads. I have somewhat kinda sorta been thinking about a way to secure it a bit more for less vibration (caused by back and forth movent of the cam)

This video, the cam is mounted to the handlebars.

This video, camera mounted on the bars for the descent at about 3:15 into the video.

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