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spthealien 08-05-10 01:03 PM

For my geeky Clyde buddies with iPhones

Seems pretty cool. If I didn't already have a Garmin 500, I might actually consider this.

sstorkel 08-05-10 01:58 PM

Looks cool, but anything that runs the GPS receiver continuously is going to suck the iPhone's battery dry in short order I suspect. At least that was my experience when developing GPS-enabled software for the iPhone 3G.

spthealien 08-05-10 04:21 PM

I expect about an hour's worth of time with the screen on for the duration. It's a cool starting point though.

I thought that finally there's some external hardware integration with the iPhone. I remember when they had the keynote and Steve was talking about integrating stethoscopes and such--nothing for years.

I don't know if I'd trust it mountain biking, though, and it would have been cool if it had an off-board battery kit. Also, the lack of hard buttons are going to make it impractical for cold weather or off road full-glove riding, as the capacitance screen won't work.

MotionX GPS does soft of the same thing without the cadence and calories burned and it has a $3 price tag (or the free lite version). The MotionX also works with hiking and it allows you to turn the screen off AND follow a course (like poor man's navigation).

But seriously--this is headed in the right direction.

zachsilvey 08-05-10 05:29 PM

Someone should make a adaptor for the iPhone so that you could power it off of a hub dynamo.

zachsilvey 08-05-10 05:44 PM

Thought you would find this interesting, it was a post on TUAW from today.

A patent for an Apple bike computer.

spthealien 08-06-10 10:25 AM

Nice. I was wondering when they would give cyclists some love. Nike+ for bikes is a good idea. However, I wonder how the rest of the system is going to be.

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