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surgtech1956 08-05-10 03:17 PM

Weight Watchers Online
Thinking about joining Weight Watchers Online. I've done WW in the past - not online, followed the program on my own. Anyone follow WW Online? Just wondering if you're having success with it. Thanks

CraigB 08-05-10 03:39 PM

My wife and I joined back in early April. We attend local meetings, but utilize the online e-tools point tracking, weight tracking, activity tracking, and for their menu tools. We think it's great. The whole program works very well, but it would be much more of a pain in the proverbial keyster doing all that by hand. Plus the menu tools are not available anywhere else. They have a database of menus, plus they can take a menu of ours and tell us how many points are in it based on the ingredients and proportions. They also have a feature where you can type in three ingredients you have on hand and they'll suggest a dish. We love it. It's allowed each of us to relatively easily shed 35 pounds +/- over the past 17 or 18 weeks. I'd still attend meetings, though, if I were signing up. It's a good way to share in the enthusiasm and trade food tips with others.

the_doughboy 08-05-10 07:50 PM

The have a monthly pass now that includes meetings and eTools.

CraigB 08-05-10 07:56 PM

^^ That's what we have.

rustman 08-05-10 07:58 PM

I've dropped from 330 to 268 in a little under a year and a half with WW. Slow, but steady (unfortunately, a lot like my cycling, especially the slow part). I don't think I would have survived the program that long without WW Online (aka eTools). I'm not a big fan of the WW point tracking, but eTools allows me to save my favorite meals and quickly retrieve them from a browser or my phone. Same thing for my activity points. And the site always has lots of low-point meal ideas.

There's a monthly fee for the website, but I've rarely paid it. When the sessions get enough people, the leader gives out a voucher to cover eTools for the length of the session.

Good luck with WW!

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