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Falcon701 08-08-10 08:46 PM

CAAD9 or CAAD10?
It's time for my first road bike! I recently pulled out my 15 yr old steel mtn bike and started putting road miles on it. I'm up to 20 mile loops and am ready for that road bike.
I pretty much had my mind set on the CAAD9 4 with sram components but my LBS only has one left in my size and may not have it at the end of the month when I'll have the cash to buy.
He said the CAAD10's will be in at the end of the month, but I've read that the frame has been thinned down to shave weight and am worried that it will not hold up under my 260 lbs.

Any LBS owners or Cannondale experts out there with advice about the CAAD10.

CraigB 08-09-10 07:32 AM

I can't help with any info about the CADD10, but will the LBS take a deposit to hold the 9 for you until the end of the month? Most shops I've dealt with are willing to do that sort of thing.

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