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Nola_Gal 08-14-10 07:37 PM

Speed Racer!!
Okay, so it's been hot as hades around here lately so my long rides have suffered. Today I decided to go out at 6pm and see how many miles I could get in before it was dark. Well, less than 2 hours later I have smashed my all time average speed record...are you ready?
I did 23 miles with an average speed of 15.4 MPH!!!! That is blistering fast for me! My previous 'fast ride' record was about 14.2mph and was way back at the beginning of the summer. I don't know if it's the little bit of spinning I've been doing lately at home or the cooler temps (it only got to 88 today) or what but I felt like I was flying.

At one point on the way back, this young spandex clad whippersnapper blew past me, without even a nod in acknowledgment. Now, I smile and nod to pretty much everyone I pass and usually the young turks will smile and sometimes even offer a word of encouragement. So, what did I do? I looked at this young man, half my age and half my weight and I drafted him for about half a mile! I say I drafted him but I stayed about 3 bike lengths behind him. I don't have much experience drafting and I didn't want to spoil my moment by crashing us both:rolleyes: Regardless, the fact that I could keep his pace for that long had me smiling from ear to ear!

Okay, thanks for letting me share. I think it's time for a protein shake and a shower! :thumb:

10 Wheels 08-14-10 07:47 PM

I have smashed my all time average speed record...

Congratulations on the ride.

CraigB 08-15-10 06:54 AM

Way to go!

mthayer 08-15-10 08:38 AM


Mr. Beanz 08-15-10 08:53 AM

Cool, keep at it. Holding the guys wheel for a time is like doing intervals. Don't be surprised if soon it's you on the front pushing the pace!;)

Peter_C 08-15-10 09:04 AM

GO Speed Racer :P

cullionbiker 08-15-10 10:08 AM

Well done.

scrming 08-15-10 12:09 PM

Great job!

oh... main thing about drafting... never overlap tires!!!

Nola_Gal 08-15-10 12:27 PM

Thanks everybody! I think I must have been smiling from ear to ear the whole ride! I felt like a little kid. It was great!

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