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mdohertyjr 08-15-10 04:47 PM

Covered Bridge Tour - Lancaster PA 8/15/10
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I admit it, I am new to biking. Started in February of this year. The Covered Bridge Tour was the wife and myself 4th metric Century this year. Being from the Jersey Shore, anytime I ride in the mountains/Hills it is a task.

This was a very very enjoyable ride, I highly highly recommend it to anyone who thought about it this year but did not sign up. A great ride, a very very organized ride. The wife left the kids with my mother and camped for the night outside of Lancaster PA, then departed at 6 am for some breakfast and then the ride.

Here are some pics from the ride... Hope you all enjoy..

zoste 08-15-10 04:56 PM

That was my very first metric in 2008. I agree that it's very well run and is a lot of fun.

Thanks for the pix!

mduggan 08-15-10 05:30 PM

Just getting back into cycling myself I will have to put this on the calendar for next year. Glad that you enjoyed it. COngrats on completing 4 metric centuries this year.

TrekDen 08-15-10 07:34 PM

I had a great time out there today as well. The rain was looming all day, and finally got me with about 3 miles to go. I even managed to get ice cream at the end this time.

Pfishingruven 08-15-10 07:45 PM

Congrats! Wish I had known about this...but I already marked it down for next year. Looks like a great ride.

dbikingman 08-15-10 07:50 PM

thanks for sharing.

funrover 08-15-10 07:57 PM


Bikealou 08-15-10 08:09 PM

Something to keep in mind - any tour called a covered bridge ride...the bridges cross rivers in the valley. To get to the next bridge means you have to cross a ridge line. Yeah, that's a hill to climb to tp get to the next bridge.

I can recommend this ride: It's in Bucks County, PA in October. I did it once on a glorious fall sun-shinny day - it was like riding in a stained-glass cathedral window with the sun shining through the changing leaves. Another time I did the ride on a rainy overcast day, still a great ride.

BigUgly 08-16-10 01:51 PM

Looks like it was a nice ride. I yearn for the day my wife will say she wants to go on a ride with me. Have to get her a road bike first though.

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