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Tall Cool One 10-27-10 07:54 PM

Hey dudes with long arms!!!!!
I have a 38" sleeve length on dress shirts. Do any of you have advice on any long sleeve jerseys/cycling jackets that keep your wrists covered when you're stretched out on your road bike? I know aerotech designs is one choice. Does anyone have any other companies that have a little extra length in the arms?

tortugaflats 10-27-10 08:16 PM

i use under armor coldgear and have no issues with length(3x). i do not use a cycling specific jacket they typically run too small for me. i found a nike running type jacket that has pockets. usually don't go out below 40 degrees here though (not very often that cold). for days that cold i layer coldgear, shirt, and jacket usually enough.

CliftonGK1 10-27-10 08:33 PM

I have a 37" sleeve and wear Smartwool baselayers, Woolistic 3XL longsleeve jerseys, Performance Tundra-II jerseys (2XL), and a Showers Pass 2XL Touring Jacket.

Mazama 10-28-10 04:31 AM

I got a Columbia weatherproof jacket and pants from here:

Exclusively Endorsed By King Size NFL Legend William "The Fridge" Perry :D

BTW, 40" sleeve here. I know your pain.

Daspydyr 10-28-10 10:12 AM

I'm 6'3" with 37" sleeves. Everything was good on sleeve length (XXL) when I weighed 245. Now that I am down to 215 and am having troubles again. Thanks for posting this, I will be checking in foir help. Its getting cold here and I like my comfort.

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