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rfmarotti 10-28-10 11:02 PM

The power of a better fit?
Hi all. Have had my road bike for about a month now and have been doing some reading and tweaking to try and get a good fit. Some things I've been looking at have made me think my seat was a little low so I bumped it up about 1.5 cm. Went out for my usual ~15mi ride previously I avg about 13mph on that ride with a cadence in the low 70s usually relying on the middle ring of my triple. Today after the seat post raise I avgd 16mph
And was consistently spinning at 80, predominantly on the big ring. I don't think less than a month of riding with less than 150miles under my belt accounts for the leap in speed. Is this the power of a better fit? Also, coincidentally I felt like I wanted to stretch out more and was regretting swapping out my 120 stem for a 90. Should I go back to the 120? Flip my 90? Thoughts on any of this welcome.

Barrettscv 10-29-10 05:36 AM

Great result. The higher speed can come from several factors, including a faster cadence. You also might be trying harder! I personally like a streched out fit with a higher cadence. I suggest you try the longer stem and keep the seat position high.


indyfabz 10-29-10 08:25 AM

Last year I invested in a professional bike fit. I'm talking 3 hrs. of measurements, adjustments (including cleat position) and swapping parts. They even took some before and after video of my pedal strokes. Worth every penny.

keithlm 10-29-10 08:58 AM


Originally Posted by rfmarotti (Post 11699315)
Is this the power of a better fit?

Should I go back to the 120? Flip my 90? Thoughts on any of this welcome.

In my experience it could easily be the seat height change as you have experienced.

My seat will slowly drop about that much after awhile and I will think to myself "Hey... something doesn't feel right" so I'll look down and realize it is time to raise things again. Someone suggested a regular bolt instead of the quick release; but I can live with it only happening once every month or so.

NOTE: Now that you are tweaking the seat height you might also readjust the front to back position of the seat and also the seat angle; you might find that with the new height that tweaking those might get you a bit more comfort without losing any performance. But make any changes to these settings in very small microscopic steps.

Concerning your stem: I went from a 100mm to a 70mm stem for palm comfort. (Actually I went from 100mm to 90mm and realized that I wanted to go to 80mm. But the LBS didn't have that so I went 70mm and that was perfect.) But I still have the 100mm and I do plan on trying it out again after I drop a few metric tons of whale blubber.

I have a mountain bike and when I bought it I was basically at the halfway point between a medium and a large frame. So I probably would have needed to do some stem tweaking with either size frame.

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