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wribbs 10-29-10 04:37 AM

Pain in my right leg
I have pain in my right leg a couple of days after riding, it seems to be mostly in my hip. It never hurts while I'm riding.

My LBS suggested it could be the way I'm sitting on the seat, my seat is out of alignment, or my right leg could be slightly longer than the other. I don't think its my seat because I've had the same issue with my mountain bike.

When I'm pedaling I've watched my feet and noticed it looks like my right foot may be turned slightly in, but It could be in my mind. If it is, is there an adjustment on the cleat that will force me to keep my foot straight? Like I said, the foot turned could be in my mind.

Anybody got any ideas?

Mr. Beanz 10-29-10 09:25 AM

THere are screws on the cleat, loosen them a bit and move the cleat "sligthly". Very small movements make a big difference on foot position. Prety tricky too. I usually end of moving it the wrong way on the first move!:D

Sometimes you have to experiment. What I do is outline the cleat with black marker(Sharpie type marker) so that I know where the original start point is. If I make a msitake, it helps me find which direction I should move the cleat.

Yes, the position makes a big difference with comfort if it's wrong. I myself will feel a twist in my knee.

As far as hip pain, if I have my saddle tilted to far back, it sort of gives me the feeling of rolling my hips backwards which causes a little discomfort in my case. Might check that too!:D

Some riders and some articles I've read state that some riders direct the nose of their saddles in one direction or the other which aslo helps with comfort. I had one saddle of many that I had to turn sligthly to the left. Not sure why but I couldn't get comfortable on it without the sligth turn. That was more about relief on the undercarriage though!:whistle:

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