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LeeG 11-01-10 06:26 AM

36" inseam, 6'6", 250lbs
a fit aquaintance is looking for a not expensive (<$1000) multipurpose around town bike and I was thinking of helping him build up a simple around town bike with bars about 1" below the seat . It seems that most 62cm production frames have 24" top tubes, is that long enough for you tall folks? I was thinking something like a Surly Karate Monkey because it's sturdy and the high bb would be good for 180 cranks and the effective tt is almost 25". Setting it up initially as a one speed to keep cost down. Are there 62cm bikes/frames you very tall people have found are big enough?

Daspydyr 11-01-10 10:56 AM

I would think that Craigslist would be a draw out affair as you would need to shop for a couple of months. But I like getting a used bike. More bike for the bucks.

I am 6'3" with a 34 inseam. I ride a 58cm frame on a Roubaix and a 21" frame on my MTB. They fits me very well. I recently rode a 115 mile century and no complaints. I would think that a 62 would be comfortable for your friend. Surly is a great bike. You are on the right track.

chasm54 11-01-10 12:20 PM

I'd check that inseam measurement if I were you. I am 6'3", do not have long legs for my height and have a 35" inseam, so 36" at 6'6" seems as if it might be short. A cyclists inseam is measured crotch to floor, wearing shoes, not the trouser inseam. Is your friend aware of that?

Anyway, if the measurement is correct he'll have a long torso, so don't worry about the long top tube. My own bikes range from a 58cm frame to a 61cm - their geometries, and my riding position, vary but they all fit. I'd be surprised if you couldn't make a 62 cm fit him, but it's extremely dangerous to give bike fitting advice over the internet. People's proportions, and their suppleness, vary too much to size bikes on inseam measurement alone.

LarDasse74 11-01-10 06:06 PM

I am 6'4" and I have considered the Karate Monkey and pretty much ruled it out. THe top tube is long, but the head tube is short, so with a 22" frame I am likely to have the seapost ~10" out of the frame, which would put the bars ~6-8" below the saddle... and that is not how I want my bike to fit.

I was considering, however, getting a Kona UNit... long top tube and long head tube for a really big fit.

Edit: the XL size Kona also comes with 180mm cranks.

Kobe 11-02-10 11:29 AM

Hey, are you building this bike for me. Those are my measurements exactly.

This is my most modern bike. A 2001 Jamis Nova.

It has exactly the same measurements as you described, 62cm st and 61cm tt. It also has a higher bottom bracket. I did have to add the ugly stem riser and use a 140mm stem. When I first got it I felt a bit cramped, but I find it very comfortable with those additions to the stem.

I think your friend will be fine on the Surly, you almost have to be, because not much is made in larger sizes that are not custom.

Mazama 11-08-10 05:40 AM

Trek had a hybrid (7200) with a 25" frame back in 2007. I'm not sure if it, or something similar, is still in production.

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