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Passage4 11-06-10 05:29 PM

Another late introduction
I realized that I have not introduced myself to the group. Sorry for that. I joined BF back in 08, and didnít really participate much. I read a few posts, but didnít get involved in any of them. I just recently started posting.

Iím 43 now and have been struggling with my weight since about 1992 and particularly the last 5 or 6 years. I am down from my biggest weight of 356 lbs. to about 325 +/- right now. In í01 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had been able to control it with meds. This past year I have had to start adding insulin.

On multiple occasions I have tried changing my eating habits and getting more exercise. I do well for a while, but always seem to fall off the wagon. I bought my first bike (as an adult) in '07 with the intent of using it as a weight loss tool. I tried to ride with the LBS group ride, but couldnít keep up with the other riders. Some of it may have been because I was on a hybrid; most of it was probably my lack of saddle time. I havenít tried to ride with them since. No animosity, just didnít want to embarrass myself.

My goal for this winter is to hit the gym and drop some weight by February. Iím planning on buying a road bike then and re-joining the group rides. I just donít enjoy solo riding as much as I thought I would. Iíll probably keep the hybrid for riding trails, I like the bike and itís been a good one. I just think I would be happier with a road bike.

Anyway, thatís pretty much my story (without boring everyone too much) thanks for reading.

jethro56 11-06-10 05:58 PM

Welcome. I just joined this group a few weeks ago. They're a great bunch of people. After reading their posts I don't feel so alone in my struggle.

16 months ago I was at 425. Like you I am Type 2.I'm now at 247 and down to just metformin for my diabetes. For me getting off the meds was what got me to 275. Now I want not just to treat my diabetes without meds but to live a fuller life.
Don't be afraid to say what's bothering you. We're just like you and have went thru the same seemingly impossible roadblocks and are still on the journey.

Again welcome

retnav94 11-06-10 06:05 PM

Welcome and good luck with your journey. For me the battle with weight has been lifelong it seems, however, whatever clicked this time has caused me to have had a different lifestyle since May. I make smart choices on food and make sure I spend at least an hour or two a day on me. The cycling is the latest passion but I get just as pumped walking. As long as I am working on me I am good. For me, I do not let food take center stage. It use to in a big way. I do still think about it, however, I insure I eat something small every 3 hours if I can. I am an air traffic controller, hence, I sit on my rear most of the day, so when I am not sitting in front of this computer reading about bikes, I am doing something physical. It is a long journey, I am enjoying it. I would like to lose 60 or 65 more pounds, and I will, I am sure of it. Focus on you and be as honest with yourself as you can be about your habits. You will be surprised how quickly things will fall into place for you. Again good luck.

jethro56 11-06-10 07:13 PM

To retnav94:
can't PM yet so

Looks like we're both 54,247# and if your ticker started in May we're losing weight at near the same pace.Good to see I'm not a freak of nature as many have said you can't lose weight that fast. I had to take a rest day today and will probably be up at 5 to get started on next week.The shoulder injury must be a real worry. Injury is one of my biggest fears right now. I'm making slow progress on the weight training and I hate it.I took 10 days off weight lifting for fall harvest and it was hard to go back in and hit it again. I don't really hit it that hard in the first place.

retnav94 11-06-10 08:25 PM

Jethro56. great job so far. The shoulder is bothersome but as long as I can bike or walk pain free I am good. I went for an MRI Friday but did not dig on staying still for a half hour in that tube. Too frigidity so they suggested a Valium from my doc before I get it done. I am such a puss at times. i talked myself out of the test. Oh well, will have to get it done if I want to get this thing worked on.

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