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bianchi10 02-03-11 09:46 PM

where to get custom jersey sets?
Our group of riders are interested in designing some custom "team" jersey and bib short sets for fun. we want to make sure the set we get is of good quality as well as have a good chamois pad.

we really have no idea on where to start to look for a decent site that we can be happy with. I did a search and obviously found many to choose from but again dont want to pick blindly.

Any ideas?

CliftonGK1 02-03-11 10:03 PM

My CX team ordered their stuff through Hincapie. The Velocity bibs and jersey are some of the most comfortable I've ever put on.

jethro56 02-03-11 10:08 PM

DoubleTap 02-04-11 07:44 AM

Last year we used Champion systems for our kits. This year we switched to Primal, and they're great. The switch was because Primal is local and our sales rep is local, so it was just easier. But they are great bibs and jerseys. I recommend either company.

1855Cru 02-04-11 08:01 AM

Great timing on this thread,a group of us want to do the same thing for our Blood, Sweat and Gears ride. Thanks for the info!!

BigUgly 02-04-11 08:47 AM

I went through a search last year for a charity ride I was putting together. Take a look at the sizes. I wear a XXXL jersey and some XXXL were still tighter then I like them so I started looking at the size charts for chest sizes. I ended up usins Atac Sportswear. I selected a semi-custom design and added logos. The jersey's were comfortable and have held up. I rec'd a lot of compliments on them. Unfortunately I don't have any pics handy but I will try to find one so you can see them.

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