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bassjones 02-04-11 12:05 PM

Is this a decent wheelset?

billydonn 02-04-11 07:53 PM

Probably yes. A friend of mine bought a bike from Bikes Direct that had similar Vuelta wheels and they gave him good service. They won't make you the envy of the neighborhood or anything but my bet is you could do much worse for the price.

socalrider 02-05-11 12:08 AM

they look very similar to ones sold from Nashbar..

Look for a coupon from nashbar and this could be sub 150.00 cost..

bassjones 02-05-11 02:51 AM

Yeah, I'm kind of figuring they'll be a decent training set while I save some more money for better wheels.

sstorkel 02-05-11 10:52 AM

The rims aren't wide enough for them to be used as touring wheels, IMHO. No real info provided on the spokes and hubs. They're probably as good or bad as any other cheap wheelset. Customer service from BikesDirect/Bike Island seems to be a bit spotty, based on the posts I've read.

I've had good luck with Bicycle Wheel Warehouse, so if I wanted a set of cheap touring wheels I'd look long and hard at their 700c Mavic A319 wheels. 25mm wide name-brand rims designed for fat touring tires, Shimano 105 hubs, and DT Swiss Competition double-butted spokes for a $10-15 upcharge over the $190 base price. You do give up 4 spokes (32 vs 36), so if you're paranoid or an uber-Clyde there might be better options...

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