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callmeclemens 02-06-11 01:51 PM

Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring
Next week it's going up to the upper 40's tommorow hear in Southern New Jersey. Subsiquently i got alot of new gear in the mail I ordered next week, this winter weathers been killing me. I swear there's been ice on the ground since late November in New Jersey. Considering I only ride Road its been a while since Ive been out there, got my new kits new tires and a new 15lbs to drop since the fall ended. Anyone else want to share any stories of struggle in the winter months?

Divtos 02-06-11 03:12 PM

Got my first ride in today here in NY. Weather was nice but lotsa snow melt around. Good to get out :-)

captainkanji 02-16-11 08:51 PM

OMG! It's been in the 60s this whole week in S. Illinois. So awesome. Rode the long route home from work today. Just a couple of weeks ago it was 7 degrees :(

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